Flashback! Living Like a Kid

Hello there! Well, today when I got up I felt a little out of sorts. I always have really vivid dreams and I also have this crazy sleep problem where I wake up literally every 90 minutes or so in the night. Usually it’s in the middle of a dream and it takes me a couple minutes to sort of ‘wake up’ and realize I’m not in my dream.

I have woken up doing some pretty random things thinking I was still in my dream. Anyways, the last few nights I’ve been having some pretty bad dreams so I’ve woken up pretty unsettled. Well, I got up today and got in my workout. Just an easy run today and core work, yesterday was a harder one for me.

Well, as I was watching a Full House rerun, (go ahead and judge me, yes I voluntarily tuned into that Tanner family!) it was the one where DJ skips school to get an autograph of her favorite singer. Of course Joey catches her and the tale wraps up with DJ apologizing for lying to everyone, cut to Danny and his daughters hugging in a cheesy embrace. Audio in the, ‘Ahhhh’s.’ Still, watching those shows takes me right back to my little 2nd grade self when I’d ‘stay up late’ to watch the full TGIF line-up.

You remember those, don’t lie! Full House, Step-by-Step, Family Matters (this one I actually wasn’t so huge on, that Steve really just bugged the heck out of me), and I’m blanking on the last one, I think the last half hour slot switched around a bit with them trying out different shows.

So it got me thinking about some of the other things I LOVED as a kid. So here it goes folks. Other shows of course were the Nick staples: Clarissa Explains it All (Melissa Joan Hart before the Sabrina the Teenage Witch days), The Secret World of Alex Mac (who doesn’t love a girl who can spontaneously turn into a pile of goo?!?!), Kennan and Kel (had the biggest crush on Kel…btw I thought he dropped off the face of the planet, but I’ve seen him in a few cameos the latest being a Disney show…again, don’t judge me!), and of course Ren and Stimpy. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

Movies: Ernest Scared Stupid…I saw this one a million times and always wanted to find Miak. Adventures in Babysitting, The Little Mermaid, Splash (I was obsessed with mermaids and this one being a live action…adored it!), and all the Neverending Stories. “Atreyu!!” hehe.

Okay, hello Squeeze-it’s!!! All time best drink, and they really need to bring those things back. There were also some Hi-C packs that for a time featured Slimer from the Ghost Busters…I was down with that slimeball.

Fun Dippers. Much better than those pixi-stix because this one come with a licking stick that you can eat after. Plus you get the whole variety of flavors thing.

Pop Tarts. This obsession still stands today, I can’t fully explain why these things hold such a rein of power over me, but they do. I think it was because growing up they were reserved for only special occasions.

Lordy, here comes the cereal line-up: Rice Krispy Treats Cereal (the big chunks of treaty clusters, baby!), Chount Chocula, Golden Crisp…much better than the knock-off Smacks, and the mother of all Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Ahh, the good old days. But in getting back to my little Full House episode, I found a few things I’d like to point out. 1) I noticed that in the earlier episodes Uncle Jessie’s last name is Cochran, but then in the later ones he weds Rebecca as Mr. and Mrs. Katsopolis. 2) There was definitely a gay pride windsock hanging in DJ’s room…way to go DJ for taking a stand and showing your support! 3) Joey was walking a young Michelle around on one of those leashes. Maybe that’s what set those Olsens up for future craziness…no one should be forced to wear a leash.

Well, I hope you all are having a great one. Here’s to living like a kiddie!

1) What are some of your favorites from childhood?

2) Favorite breakfast food?

3) Were you ever a leash kid?

Nope. But I guess that didn’t stop me from being a crazy myself, oh well.

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7 thoughts on “Flashback! Living Like a Kid

  1. i forgot all about squeeze its! they were such a big deal! leashed kids make me laugh so hard. ha!

  2. oh, i know, every time i see one i can't help but laugh either! but i feel sorry for them, especially the ones who have to be in 2nd or 3rd grade and look to be waaay too old for that kind of stuff. so embarrassing. 😉

  3. Oh my gosh that creepy dog thing from the never ending story! haha
    I was a fan of all shows on Nickelodeon. Salute your shorts, Rugrats, Pete and pete, All That, Hey arnold.. Those were the days!
    LOVE this post! 🙂

  4. awww, thanks girl for the show of support. 🙂 haha…ummm, there is nothing unusual at all about a flying dog with florescent looking skin. Oh, and Pete and Pete, i forgot to add that one! and Are you Afraid of the Dark…there was one story on there about a murderous plumber that seriously gave me nightmares, i was traumatized. lol…i'm such a weenie like that. 🙂

  5. I think about Squeeze-Its all the time. They had the Kool-Aid ones and the ones with faces and names like "Grumpy Grape" (were those the Squeeze-Its?). I also remember some Jello-like drink in a squeezy bottle.

    I'm sure I've seen every episode of Full House at least twice. I still find myself watching clips on youtube. One of my favorite episodes was where Stephanie started a band and they sang "The Sign" by Ace of Base, because coincidentally I was a huge Ace of Base fan at the time.

  6. I just noticed the part about mermaids. I was OBSESSED with "The Little Mermaid" and "Splash." My grandma sewed me a pink mermaid tail that I wore a lot, almost as much as my Supergirl costume.

  7. oh, it gets even better, for one xmas my grandma got me the Full House boxed set of ALL the seasons and it even came in a little cardboard 'house' that was in the shape of the one they lived in! haha. That's a great episode, and I also love the one where Uncle Jessie does that music video…it's so corny, it's awesome!

    Oh, and i will forever and always harbor the fantasy of being a mermaid. i too forced my mom into making me a costume for one halloween. 🙂

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