For the Days it’s Not all Rainbows and Gumdrops – Getting the Run in Regardless

As much as we all love something, even running, there are going to be ‘those’ days. We all have them and anyone who tells you they’ve never had a single flickering moment of not wanting to shoot out the door for a run is straight up lying.

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Professional athletes have them and all levels between; but you know what the difference is? The pro’s, well they have no choice because it’s their job, but the people who are dedicated runners regardless: suck it up and lace ‘em up.

Sometimes you just have to force yourself into the action, and thankfully once you’ve been at it long enough, if you start going on auto-pilot the body takes over. The even better part is that 9 times out of 10 once you get past the first mile or so the endorphins take over and what can start out as a dread-fest turns into a great run.

If not great at least you get ‘er done. The trick is just getting going. Sometimes it’s a trick of tricking yourself:

• When I’m tired or I know the upcoming run will be admittedly painful (as in I did a harder run or longer run the day before) I remind myself that this run is just a sick and twisted ‘reward’ of a good job yesterday. I also remind myself that the goal is just to recover and chuck pace out the window; just get the miles in.

• If I’m just tired, I make a deal with myself, “Cait, okay, if you don’t want to run the full distance, just do 4 miles.” That’s kind of my ‘bare minimum’ I’d be happy with distance, anyone can gut out a half hour. Then, when I make it to 4, “That wasn’t so bad, just make it to 6 miles.” At 6, I do the same thing and by the end I get the full run done. Just lie to yourself, it’s for a good cause.

• During the run it can be tempting to cut out, I usually work in 2 mile increments bargaining with myself, but when even that seems too much to bite off I tell myself to just go 5 minutes more…etc.

• Still stuck needing a kick in the tush to start? I remember that the first mile usually doesn’t feel like walking on clouds, but after that things pick up a lot.

• I remember why I run; how it makes me feel, and that I’m very lucky to even be able to do so.

• I like to eat…at lot. ‘Nuf said.

I know that while I have days where I may not exactly want to start a run, I can’t think of one single time where I’ve finished a run and regretted it.

• I have this beast called Guilt that lives in my head. If I skip out it honestly is not worth putting up with his nagging.

I may not be gearing up for any race, but a lot of people work well off of having something to keep them accountable. This can be an actual race, in which case you know that if you want to do your best you need to stick to your training.

This can also be a team. If you have people you are going to meet up with or are checking in with, you don’t want to let them down. Finally, having a preplanned training program also works wonders; that way you know what you need to do.

Anyway you take it, know that we all have those ‘meh’ days but remember that what separates the wanters from the wishers is the doing. So, if you’re reading this and stalling, working through the inner dialogue of ‘to run or not to run,’ take this as your friendly push to get going…just do a mile and see how you feel from there. ☺

1) When you’re having a ‘meh’ day, how do you get yourself going?

2) How long does it take you to ‘get into’ a run?

It usually takes at least a mile for me to not feel like a geriatric.
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3 thoughts on “For the Days it’s Not all Rainbows and Gumdrops – Getting the Run in Regardless

  1. this is a great post. and before i really comment…girl i have been missing you!!!! i dont know why i am not noticing your new posts ever. i need to figure it out. your posts are full of motivation and inspiration to me…and so easy to relate to! plus i always learn something so it will not be cool if i keep missing out.

    anyway…it seriously takes me AT LEAST 3 miles to get into a run. the first mile usually feels okay but i normally start too fast…then the second mile i am just like “blah…only mile 2. dumb” then the third mile i get back into it…by mile 4 i might as well keep going and i actually start noticing the scenery around me and enjoying my thoughts 🙂 haha! its tough for me on these kinda days to stick with it. but i just know that later i will be SO glad that i did it…even if in the moment it sucks!

    hope you are doing well!

    • i have missed u too!! blast that finicky google reader or whatnot. 🙁

      anyways, i loved ur latest post and u ROCK for busting out those milers…keep it up and don’t let the pain scare you, it brings its own enormous sense of satisfaction too! 🙂

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