Full Holiday Onslaught: Cartoon Style

Just in case you haven’t reached your maximum capacity for the Holiday Spirit…you know us runners always have to err on the side of excessive. “Not quite totally maxed out yet? Welp, we know what to do!” So I’ve got a couple more holiday cartoons for you. Or COURSE, I’m wishing you, your running shoes, and all your family and friends my best!!
politically correct holiday card

gingerbread man running
…unless you’re on the receiving end of some grievances. In which case, hang in there. 😉

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1) What Holidays are you celebrating?
2) What foods are you currently OD’ing on?
3) If your family had a race for the last gingerbread man…who would win? Be honest.
Probably my bro. He’s got all the fast-twitch.

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4 thoughts on “Full Holiday Onslaught: Cartoon Style

  1. That second one is especially cute! I celebrate Christmas 🙂 I actually OD’ed on gingerbread cookies this past weekend at my in-laws house. No excuse, really, since I’m the one that brought them. We’ll blame it on the fact that I didn’t eat any while baking and decorating over 70 gingerbread men!

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