Garmin Forerunner 10 Review: Uh-Oh, now I’m stuck in a love triangle

Shhh, you CAN’T tell my Garmin Forerunner 410 but I’ve been cheating on him. It’s horrible, I know, because you all know how much I love him, but I find myself also in love with the Garmin Forerunner 10.
Garmin Forerunner 10
The Forerunner 10 is the new, slimmed down version, and I was SO STOKED when the kind folks over there gave me a lime green one to test out. I took that baby for a spin (uhh, way more than once) and here are my thoughts:

* The Stats: This ‘little’ guy will track your time and distance on one screen, you can flip over to the other screen to see your pace and calories. To be frank those are really the only functions I use my ‘bigger’ Garmin for; since the 10 retails for $130, if you’re not needing all those ‘extras’ I would say your best bet is to go for the 10. To compare, the Forerunner 410 retails for $250. And for the record the 10 does have a virtual pacer feature if you’re into that.

* Alerts: The Forerunner 10 will beep every mile marker, which I really like. Sometimes I feel people can fall into the trap of getting too obsessed with their paces, especially on easy days, so what I’ll do sometimes is not look down at the pace and just keep track of all the mile beeps. It’s kind of like my compromise to going ‘naked’…I’d be a little too freaked not to know the overall mileage but I can handle with running off of effort and let the pace drop wherever it may for the day.

* Fit: The Forerunner 10 really does fit just like a ‘regular’ watch; I know that some of the older Forerunners are pretty wide and bulky and for a runnerchick with a thin wrist it sometimes made me feel like I was wearing a watch sleeve! Lol. That said, my Forerunner 410 does fit nicely on my wrist and that’s comfy; however, I will say the 10 is noticeably lighter.

garminella and prince

Ya…buy me a Garmin and it just maaaaaybe better than a ring. 😉

* Accuracy: As anyone who has a Garmin or understands the Satellite technology, it’s not always exact down to the molecular distance level. (Yes, I made that a word) I’ll run the same routes and some days the mile markers are a few feet either way, I’d say that the accuracy between the 10 and 410 are the same, so you aren’t losing any ‘quality’ for going for the more compact or cheaper Garmin.

* Cait Proof: The real test was I was able to get it out of the box, set, and run-ready all by myself, quickly without reading any of the instructions. Of course, go read the instructions, but my point is that the 10 really is that simple to use…I like that.

* Overall: Honestly, I love my Garmins and I’ve said that long before I ever got a bit of swag. I can’t say anything bad about them; the only slight annoyance I could say I found between the 10 and the 410 is that the Forerunner 10 seems to take a little longer to locate the satellites before my run. Other than that, if you want need Garmin technology and you’re only interested in distance, pace, time, and calories, this is your guy. I’d say it’s the best bang for your buck, and *perk* for me is that lime green is my favorite color. There are also pink and black available.

On that note, now I don’t know what I’m going to be doing with my little Garmin love triangle over here…I’ve been fair though and giving love to both. 😉

1) Do you own and use a Garmin? If so, which one?

2) Are there times when you don’t use your Garmin?
I believe sometimes getting away from the obsessed numbers game can help certain runners in relaxing on their runs and keeping those runs easy…but at the same time I won’t lie and going ‘naked’ is dang hard! 😛

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50 thoughts on “Garmin Forerunner 10 Review: Uh-Oh, now I’m stuck in a love triangle

  1. I’m using the 405 and it is most definitely my best friend for life.
    Great review!
    I have seen these forerunner 10 around, and I LOVE the look of them. I think they’re so beautiful!! haha! is that reason enough to buy one even though I don’t *need* another one??!

  2. I’ve used the 405 for a year and love it. The only bad thing about it is when the battery dies it can’t be replaced and I don’t understand why Garmin chose to go that route.

  3. I have the 405, which I love more than I probably should. But, I really love the look of the new Garmin 10 and I’m trying to convince myself I don’t need another Garmin just because the new one looks nice.

    • those 10’s are just so dang cute! i’ll be the person saying that u deserve to get a treat that makes u smile…haha…or at least that’s the excuse i tell myself when i want something. 😛

  4. I love reading your thoughts on this, especially since I really want one (hey Santa!). One of my running buddies just bought it and a lot of our running store workers are recommending it too so maybe I will take the plunge and buy it if Santa doesn’t deliver.

    • u’re welcome and i too was really glad they brought much more affordability to the garmin family, because the 410 i was only able to get because it was a gift from my parents! lol

  5. I just got my Forerunner 10 today. Took it out for a 5 minute to test. Love it. Can’t wait to take it for a run tomorrow morning – no more heavy iPhone/Runkeeper combination.

  6. HAHA! I LOVE your drawing of the guy runner giving the girl runner the gps watch glistening like a diamond! so true!

    1) I have a Garmin but, it’s the non GPS FR70. It counts your steps using a wireless pedometer you attach to your left sneaker and also a wireless heart rate monitor you attach to your chest. I Love it! it has all the features (most all) that the Forerunner 410 has except no GPS. It is pretty accurate RIGHT out of the box. It counts your Cadence which is an Awesome thing for when you are first starting out. It also has the option of Intervals, Virtual Pacer, and Race Mode. You can customize the pages (i.e. to see Pace, Calories, Mileage, Heart rate) I am just waiting for the Forerunner 410 to come out with more colors and I may or may not buy it lol. My FR70 comes in my favorite color combo Black and Pink so, it would be hard to part with.

    2) I went “naked” for a 5k once. I have to say, I went purely off feel and I actually PRed. It was nice not to have the HR strap.

    • Currently, to go back to #1 I use MapMyRun for the GPS but, I really don’t like having both Phone and Watch. Want to reduce to 1!

    • thanks…i’m glad u liked that drawing! 🙂
      i’ve not tried the pedometer styles so thanks for sharing. 🙂
      and WAY to rock that 5k…few things feel sweeter than a PR!

  7. I use Runtastic Pro for tracking my running, since I always run with tunes and always need my phone with me. But I hate that I can’t just look at it without digging my phone out of my pocket or the stroller. And, with it being freezing here, I can’t do anything on the face of my phone with gloves on, which is annoying. I had to stop and take off my gloves about 10 minutes into my run when I realized that the app hadn’t started properly. Ugh–I may have to ask Santa for this lovely little number!

    • i don’t run with a phone (and actually am so lame and don’t have a phone hooked up to internet and apps! lol) so i’ve not tried the apps…but i’ll say u should find a nice santa this year to gift u! hehe

  8. I don’t have a Garmin because I’ve turned into a total treadmill runner. I’m hoping that as soon as I can run again I will be able to get outside more and then I think I will NEED a Garmin. The smaller one sounds perfect!

  9. Awesome review and totally appreciate this. I would have never thought of going to a 10 but it sounds like a good option to have a slim nice fitting watch and like you I only need speed and distance REALLY.

    My 405 is quite bulky and its nearly 4 years old. Hmmmm I wonder if that is justification for a newie or not ;=) Meanwhile wouldn’t the 10 make an awesome present for a new runner.

    ohhh and I agree a Garmin is better than ANY ring!

    • wait, gimmie big A’s email and i’ll make sure ‘santa’ hooks u up! 😉 jk.
      that said, i would totally say the 10 is the way to go in terms of balancing price/necessity. i’m not sure if u are into the heart rate and all those fancier things, but i don’t use them and so the 10 is perfect, AND it’s super light. email me though if u have any other questions girl! 🙂

  10. I have a 405 but since the battery was crap to start off with and its probably completely dead, I gave up on it. Only reason I got the 405 was for the HRM which I was really concerned with in early days.
    I use my mobile phone now. Gets about 5 hours tracking from a full charge. The 405 is lucky to make 2 hours now.

    For the record – the 405 battery is not user-replaceable but if its out of warranty like mine, its a $5o repair. Its a relatively simple job if you buy a new battery, a little bit of solder to ‘convert’ the battery is all it takes!

  11. I do not own a Garmin or any type of watch like that. As someone who is not a runner and wants to be it would really nice to have one. Sometimes I don’t have any idea how far I’ve ran to be able to determine my pace or anything. So I just have to say x minutes. Bummed.

    • running for minutes is totally cool too, that’s what i did for YEARS before i finally got a garmin last xmas. i think today though, with all the tech madness people feel obligated to get their exact miles. which, yes, i really like but don’t feel like it’s a necessity to run. that said, if u find some extra $$ i’d say the 10 is a really great and fun tool. 🙂

  12. I asked for a garmin for Christmas. Should be interesting to see what I get.

    P.S. your blog showed up on stumbleupon, and I got excited for you! I am sure that will bring a lot more traffic your way. Don’t forget about the little people 😉

    • i’ll be hoping there is some AWESOMENESS in ur stocking! 😉 and u are just way too cool, thanks for the tip on stumbledupon, but don’t worry, there is NO WAY i forget my friends. 🙂

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  14. Hi I am currently using my fiance’s pink fr70. After years of loyal service my polar rs200 / footpod combo picked up reliability issues.

    So far I am impressed and since its sold with the footpod, its the best value heart rate/ speed/ distance monitoring watch available here in South Africa. The cadence feature is a real bonus for an entry level device.

  15. Just got the 10 as a present – the day before our local annual 10K, Had tried android apps on my phone but they kept dropping the signal or not locating the satellite so when I finished the run there were no results or the results were incomplete.
    Anyhow, used the Forerunner 10 on the 10K, it was pretty accurate, a joy to wear, great to see time and distance on screen and so good to see a map of the run when I synched with Garmin Connect.
    Oh yeah – at the 10K I noticed a lot of runners wearing very big tracking devices on their wrists, I own the biggest Forerunner 10 which still just looks like an ordinary wristwatch

    • haha…oh yea i’m SOOO happy the newer Garmins are getting smaller, a few of those devices would take up about my whole forearm! 😛 double as weight lifting? jk.
      i’m glad you got the 10 and are really liking it…congrats on the 10k, i hope it went well! 🙂

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