Get Your Excited (Running) Pants On…

This runnerchick is excited THIS much…
princess shirt
…I’ve got some BIG NEWS to share with you tomorrow! Three hints:

* My running shirts
* My cheeks and huge smile is consuming 4/5th of my face.

You’ve been warned….check back tomorrow!!

1) How was your weekend?
2) What are you smiling about right now?

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4 thoughts on “Get Your Excited (Running) Pants On…

  1. Oh you make me smile! That burst of enthusiasm and all of the new stuff totally catapulted me back into this wonderful online world. You truly are awesome.

    • YES!!!! oh my gosh, if my Ezzere launch can also cause the sonic burst of Kate BACK into cyberworld, this is truly something remarkably special! 😉 enough adjectives?? lol

  2. Can’t wait to see the Big News! The benefits of being behind on blog reading are that I don’t have to wait, I can just click to the next post!

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