Giving Thanks…The Runner’s Edition

I was inspired by this list of 10 Little Things to be Thankful For – Running Edition by Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano. I really liked what they added, but I wanted to add a few more of mine as well. So here are a few more:
friends running
* Training partners sans the drama-rama: let’s be frank, girls especially can get a little catty, BUT you find the right kind of people and it can make for an AWESOME training group! Group dynamics can by tricky no matter the gender, so when you find a group that clicks…throw a party and don’t question. Having a partner to share the pacing workload is always a major plus: you’ll usually end up going faster but it will feel eaiser…crazy, I know. Plus, having someone to help pass mile after mile is always great too. 🙂

farting warthog

Well, I might draw the line here...

* Check stereotypes at the door: hack a loogie, pop a squat in a bush, let the gas pass from both ends. It happens when we’re running…we’ve all been there so it’s nice to have people that don’t pass judgement.

* Endorphins. I really don’t think I need to say much more here…hello my name is Cait, I am addicted to these suckers right here.

* Long runs: these and tempo runs where you feel on…priceless…love them. If the rest of the day goes to heck, if I’ve done one of these at least something feels right.

* Bodyglide: ummm, I don’t know about you but especially in the summer months I can get some chaffage where my tank top hits my shoulder…at least this can take the edge off.

* Bunhuggers: Adam and Tim called out that you might feel a little funny admitting that a certain ‘skimpier’ piece of attire might feel good, but any time I bust out the buns (and it’s been a LONG time, I think by now my buns have dust on them) I knew it was GO time…so it’s a mental thing too…like putting on the spikes.

* The ability to run: being healthy made their cut too, but it needs to be reiterated. Any time I start to forget how lucky I am to just be able to do the simple motion, something usually causes me to stop and check myself. Don’t be ‘greedy’ and miffed if you aren’t able to do such-and-such workout, at least you can at least DO a run.
girl eating poptarts
* Pop-tarts and grubbage: what list on this runnerchick’s list would be complete without these babies?

1) What are you thankful for, runner edition?

2) What is something you aren’t thankful for?
Going to have to say that I’m not a fan or random people yelling things at me while I’m running…or throwing things at me.

3) What are you excited for this week?
Not sure yet…time will tell?
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6 thoughts on “Giving Thanks…The Runner’s Edition

  1. I am thankful for: all the inspiring running bloggers! You ladies keep me going even when I just want to curl up and never put my sneakers on again 🙂 I am thankful for all of you.
    I am not thankful for – my bashed up, scarred and painful feet. No more high heels for this chick 🙂 Not that I was ever any good at walking in them anyway!
    This week I am excited because I am hosting my sister’s bridal shower next weekend. Lots of cake, lots and lots of cake. Wish I could send you some Cait, there will be photos though!

    • pshhh, high heels are overrated anyways…those feet of urs are testament to lots of glorious miles. 🙂
      PS- there is a reason i won’t subject people to looking at my nasty feet and have sock tans 😉

  2. I am so thankful for just my ability to run! So I pretty mich stole your last point. Being injured in the past really makes you appreciate the little things. Whether it be a jog or a full out speedy run, I am thankful!

    I am not thankful that it wasn’t Thanksgiving for Canadians!! I wish I could have two Thanksgivings a year 😉

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