Got Legs? Run…because being stuck with fins would suck

Sorry, Ariel, nothing quite compares to running.
running princesses
Nope, nothing like the special kind of endorphins only running can supply!! Motivation lulls happen to the best of us so in those times, take these thoughts as reason to put those two legs of your to work think of this:

1) I ALWAYS feel better when I’m done.
2) Is the runner guilt of skipping my run worth it?
3) I’ve got goals I’m working towards…consistency is the ‘secret’ to getting better and faster!
4) I’m lucky I’m not injured and ABLE to run!! Don’t take your running for granted.
5) If I start, I can dream about the cake and chocolate chip pancakes I’ll come back to. 😉

Now, if you’re injured and need some motivation to plug away at your rehab and cross-training:

* I WILL heal. And when I do I won’t take my running for granted. I’m going to do the work now so my transition back to running will that much better!

Unless you are stuck with fins, My Friends, take advantage of those runner legs! 😉

1) What is something you tell yourself to give you a kick of motivation when you need it?
2) What is your go-to cross-training when you cant run?
The elliptical
3) Do you like to swim?
Nope, hate the water. If I’m injured and in the pool it’s like the double-dipping of p*ssed-off runner ‘tude. 😉

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10 thoughts on “Got Legs? Run…because being stuck with fins would suck

  1. Definitely grateful for these legs 🙂
    I love to swim! I am not very fast, but I can hold my own in a pool or ocean 🙂 When you live on the coast of Australia you have to learn to swim anyway, so I decided that I might as well enjoy it. The only problem is I can’t wear my glasses in the pool!
    When I can’t run I like to walk or ride the stationary bike. I respect the elliptical but every moment feels like torture!
    When I need motivation I think of a) peanut m&ms and b) my favourite runner friends!

    • well u can swim for me too!! hehe. maybe if i grew up at the beach i’d love it more…actually i always WISHED i could surf, i’m just an epic fail. 😛
      m&m’s sound like perfect motivation to me!

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  3. One of the things that keeps me accountable is my running log. If its a rest day, I’m cool with putting down no running for the day. But I hate telling it I skipped a run, even though its just a hardcopy log that no one but me reads.

    Go to cross training is either biking, swimming, or 30 day shred workouts, all depending on the weather. Swimming was my first love, though. I grew up as a competitive swimmer and swam year-round from age 6-18.

    • so funny!! power to the competitive swimmer, my cousins were like that. we’d jump in the pool and kids and i’d be the doof with the doggie paddle. 😉

  4. 97% of the time, I need little motivation to get out there. I think it is because I know allllll too well how wonderful I feel when I am done, how great food tastes after a run and because, well, it is just part of my routine to wake up, drink coffee, eat a bite and run. I am lost without it lol. On those days I don’t feel like it, I run anyway because I know it only takes a mile (or sometimes 2 or 3) for me to realize I am thrilled to be out there…Crosstraining? Eh, the elliptical I guess. I have been trying to do some serious work on the indoor bike these days too. I hate swimming!

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