Grunting on the Backswing and Pictures of the Snot Queen

Yesterday I met a woman and got to talking, it came up that I was a runner, “So I hear you’re a crazy, crazy runner. Like you run a crazy lot.” I laughed and told her that, “Yes, I’m crazy but not because I run a lot.”

She looked fit and trim so I asked her if she was a runner, she laughed a lot and told me that there was no way she’d run but she really liked tennis. Cool beans, I told her my Po-Po plays a lot of tennis. It then came up about the whole tennis grunting thing.

She was telling me that there is a big controversy now about people who say players should limit their grunts. My response? “What, it’s tennis, not golf or something.”

In my book, if you’re working your butt off and giving your all into your sport you probably won’t be looking pretty the whole time. Same goes if you make a noise or two. I admit if someone was running behind me and starting gorilla grunting I’d be a little peeved, that can get a little annoying, but I think the difference is that the motions and exertions are different enough between running and tennis so that if you’re on the court and you bust a big thrust, hit the ball hard…let the grunts fly.

(Warning: this is gonna soon turn into a horrible running photos post, so proceed at your own risk)

Actually, when I was younger my brother and I used to watch tennis (forced into it by Po-Po) and we’d perfect our grunts. To the woman, I sort of paralleled the tennis grunts to running. Can I have a raise of hands of people who have had really beautiful running photos taken of them?

If you’re raising your hand, you are a stinker and ruining my point. At least for me, the few running shots I’ve got fall into these categories: 1) My quad is in that awkward landing point so it makes my muscle look like it belongs on the hulk 2) the same sort of position was caught on camera but this time it’s so that my face is sort of sagging on impact, like it looks as if my flesh is sort of melting off of my face 3) for some reason I’m always fiddling with my hands or fingers and 4) facial expressions are always the best, when I look back at some of these pictures I wonder if I’m as disturbing to the crowd as I am to myself viewing the pix.

How do I manage to swing my arm across my body and make my left leg swing behind me? Bad form girl!

The thing is though, when your running, at least for me, and racing the last thing I’m thinking about it how I look. I’m trying to zone out really and, if anything, focus on keeping my form. Heck, I’m also a grossy who spits, I’m sure boogers have worked their way out if my nose is running, when it’s really hot I get this white salt all over me, I’m one hot mess. But I’d worry about that after I cross the line.

Not even enough words for this one. Yikes. PS-arm thing, total waste of energy and horrendous form

Running races hurts, especially the closer you get to the end, so I’m the first to admit it’s possible to look like total he!! and the only thing that really matters is getting to that flipping line ASAP. People bag on runners looking all crazy, wild eyes nearly all white as they dig for that final gear down the homestretch, I don’t mind agreeing that yes, it is not gonna win America’s Next Top Model, but what’s more important to me is, “Did they win?”

So ya, I love to laugh at my own horrible looking self the few times I’m caught on camera (thankfully I’m actually a vampire and so you won’t be seeing me turn up on film anytime soon) and I really don’t care that I look like shiznit…all part of the game.

Deadly triple threat: melting face, gross quad, funky arms. Don’t blame the photographers. PPS-Sorry, these pix are archaically old

Do I think we need to start strapping muzzles on and silencing these grunting tennis players? Heck no, in this instance I think it’s just natural to make a sound when you whack a ball full force. Grunt away.

That said, I think the sounds/cases of what’s acceptable behavior is different between sports and activities…the creepo ‘I think I’m the Most Macho Man Ever’ gorilla grunting at the gym is totally different…let’s put a muzzle on him!

1) What say you? Grunting in tennis, okay or not?

2) Horrible running pictures, if you send some to me, I’d love to do a little montage tribute! But regardless, what do you usually look like?

3) Do you have that grunter dude at the gym? If so, what is your stance on all that noise?


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14 thoughts on “Grunting on the Backswing and Pictures of the Snot Queen

  1. 1. I think it's comical when tennis players in all of their fashionable glory start grunting away when they hit the ball… if it was dead silent I would be SO bored.

    2. I don't have any horrible running pictures (because I deleted them) but let's just say it ain't pretty! 😉

    3. Not only do I have a grunter dude at the gym but he GRUNTS IN YOGA. C'mon pal, we're supposed to be centering ourselves here! Hahaha

  2. I do find it a little disturbing when you aren't watching the TV and all you can hear is the grunting, however I agree, if they are giving their all then who cares? It's not a singing contest.
    I always think that the photos are going to turn out better than they do. Somehow in my mind I look like a Runner's World cover model with the wind blowing in my hair. In reality I look like a cardiac arrest victim who is somehow still moving; pale, pasty, splotchy and sweaty. But I'm coming to own my hideousness while running. Cos it means I'm working hard 🙂
    There is one gentleman (if I can call him that) who must think it is his mission in life to announce every bicep curl that he achieves. Come on buddy, some grunts are okay, wildebeest being tackled by a lion is definitely not okay!

  3. Grunting in tennis is OK. Running, not OK. Today during my 8k I was behind a guy that was constantly grunting. Every damn breath was a grunt. I didn't know if I had it in me but I passed him. I had to. There is NO way I could have finished the race alongside the grunter for the duration of the race.

    I look like trash when I run. If I looked like you I would blow up my pictures and frame them. HOLY LEGS! Can I have them? Please and thanks.

    Hate gym grunters. HATE.

  4. Grunting is tennis is fine. In races, I'm cool with it too. Whatever it takes to push yourself and do your best!
    But at the gym? Or just for a run in the park? No thank you!

  5. The louder the tennis grunt, the better!! Okay, not really. I'm okay with the tennis grunt. They need that extra power to hit hard. Runners? Maybe just to clear the gunk in your throat, but that would totally bug me to run with a grunter the whole way. No bueno!

    Thank goodness I feel differently then the way I look while running. It's pretty scary!

  6. agreed…tennis grunting totally cool but running has a diff set of rules. there was a guy who used to do a lot of the same road races as i did back in hs and he was a notorious grunter!! everyone knew of him and he bugged the bejeezus out of us; it wasn't just the grunting but he'd start snorting too, like a horse thing…cahrazy. 😛

    that said, AWESOME point brought up by amy, it's hilarious how we have an image in our mind and the reality is such a start contrast. 😉 christina, i've seen ur legs and it would be an even swap!

  7. OH MY GOODNESS!! I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF THIS POST!! You are right…the last thing I think about when racing is how I look!! Still your hulk muscles look amazing and I do the same thing with my arms….ENERGY WASTER!! I think if you are grunting because you are working your butt off it is FINE!!!

  8. Most of my running photos are terrible. I am jealous of those photogenic runners out there. Sometimes I see the photographer and try to not to look like a slack-jawed drooler, but then I see the

  9. Tennis grunters are okay, as long as it's not on EVERY shot. I can't stand watching to see "ugh!" "Euhgghh" "ugh" "Euhggh" every FREAKING time. And I don't mind gym grunters- so long as they earned it! Why not let out a grunt if you've just kicked your ass and barely pumped out the last rep?
    I am SO sending you running pics, because I look 1)like I am 500 pounds and 2)like a douche. YOU, on the other hand, are SO HOT!!!! Oh my god, like a dream. I am actually pissed that you haven't posted more photos of you because you are so dang gorgeous. I'm off to have a cold shower.

  10. Your questions are AWESOME!

    Here are my answers:

    1). Grunting is fine by my. I try not to judge. It adds a little humor to the situation!

    2). I look normal in my runs but my sister on the other had looks SO FUNNY. She makes these ridiculous faces and she has drool coming out of her mouth. She is a MESS….but fun for me to see. haha.

    3). I TOTALLY have the grunter guy at the gym. He sounds like he is making bedroom noises and it FReAKS me OUT!

    Get Up & Go

    PS – Injuries do suck!

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