Happy National Running Day!!

This one goes out to all my fellow runner fiends! (PS-that’s not a typo but friends would work too…hehe) So it’s National Running Day, (I wonder who actually comes up with these dates, is there some kind of voting thing, just curious how they go about picking these days…anyhoo) and what better way to celebrate than lacing ’em up? Me, I just put in my usual 8 easy, I was tired after yesterday and my stupid adductor (which has been bugging me for ages) is always extra tight the day after I try and go faster than my easy pace. I’ve got some exercises and stretches that I do but it’s still a pain in my butt. 😉

Enough complaining though on oh such a day! I thought it fitting to state a few reasons why I love being a runner or what running means to me:

I like that when I hop on a treadmill I can go faster than the dude sweatin it out next to me.

Runners can laugh at the ‘portion size’ listed on a nutritional labels. Three servings my @$$!

Upon meeting a stranger, the second I find out they’re a runner there’s that shared nod of the head, someone else who ‘gets it.’ Nice to meet a fellow member of the club.

Runners are generally nice folk, road races usually start at the butt-crack of dawn and people are always milling out. I’ve left my car unlocked, my racing shoes out, sweats, etc. in a little pile and gone for my warm-up. And I’m not afraid that they won’t be there when I get back. Same thing goes for track meets, people’s spikes are sacred ground, we respect it.

It could be argued that I’m addicted to running or exercising, to that I say, “Could be, but better this than crack.” True, I’ve got one of those addictive/obsessive types of personalities so I think this is one of the more benign addictions.

Feeling that jiggly leg feeling after a really good workout or race. (ummm, ya, so this may have been a while in my case…lol…but I can still remember them…hehe) You can already feel that soreness coming on during the cool-down, and you know it’s not going to be pretty later. But you were ‘on’ and that rush of endorphins numbs out any pain.

The closeness that can come between training partners/groups. Lots of it can go unsaid, for instance during hard workouts, more bonding can be done by sharing excruciating pain than lots of other things. Also more things can be shared during a long run than few other things.

I’m grateful for every step. Running maintains some semblance of my sanity.

It just makes me feel right. I can’t explain it, but if I don’t run I feel off.

Things I’m not so hip on:

I can’t get over the fact that I still hear people shout ‘Run, Forest, Run.’ Honestly, wasn’t that movie from the 90’s? Get a new line.

Back to the adductor. It seems each runner has that one ‘thing’ that’s always bugging them. Tendinitis here, weak muscle there…I sometimes joke I’ll be a cripple by the time I’m 40, but at least I’ll be happy until then.

There are highs but also plenty of lows. Running is insanely mental and it can screw with you like few other sports. Expect the bad days and then really appreciate the good ones. Still applies when you’re not racing, we all just have days that we feel crummy or like we don’t want to run. But I always feel better after I force myself to start going.

I haven’t ever run a marathon, but the first thing people ask when they find out I run is if I have. When I say ‘no’ they get that look of disappointment and then sympathy like, ‘oh, how sad, she thinks she’s a runner, poor girl.’

Getting hit by cars…’nuff said.

So I hope you all are having a great holiday, ya I’m gonna call it that! Even if you didn’t necessarily run today, because there are also times when you need to have days where you rest!

1) What do you love about running or being a fitness fanatic?

2) What are some not so fun parts?

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4 thoughts on “Happy National Running Day!!

  1. OMG this post is AMAZING!!!!! Everything is SO true, I love the following things you said:
    1. Portion sizes. They mean for mice, right?
    2. Run, Forrest, Run… they are just jealous.
    3. OMG, the marathon question gets me every time! The look of disappointment or the "Oh… maybe one day" like that is all there is. This bod is not meant to run a marathon.

    I love the silence/headspace that running gives you. It's like a break, even though you're kicking your own ass. Music, thoughts, cardio. Love it.

    I love the feeling of pushing yourSELF. I'd always been a team sports girl, and I find individual sports SO much harder- physically and mentally. It's like a gut check.

    I don't love the injuries, as you've said. And the recovery time after a long run. There's something about running that I don't feel the same workout anywhere else, but I know it can't be done every day.

    And finally… I love you. (Too far?)

  2. oh man, i seriously want to suckerpunch the next person that asks the marathon question, it's hilarious because i'm sure even if the world record holder in like the mile met one of those people they'd get the same look. 😉 oh and portion sizes, hilarious, let me just count out six chocolate chips and get back to you on that one.

    the kicking your own butt part that you said: dead on. it's kinda sick when you stop and think about it, but seriously the BEST feeling when you're done. and cheers to there being just something about running that gives you a high like none other. take that and smoke it charlie sheen.

    girl, i'm gonna go out and say i luv you too. also, u can never go too far with me, ummm, i'm pretty sure one of my last posts revolved solely around the $hi!$!!!! hehe 😉

  3. Ha, this post is hilarious (but so true!!). I also hate the marathon question–mostly because I think a runner is anyone who gets their butt out there regularly and runs!

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