Hey, Lance, you just got chicked!

Running is hard. “Thank you, Captain Obvious!” It’s hard for everyone and competing is even harder. So, I have absolutely no respect for cheaters. There, I said it, I stand by that.
lance armstrong getting passed
Now that Lance Armstrong wants to go around running and cycling clean, I dare say there are plenty of awesome runnerchicks out there ready to chick him! 😉

No need to focus on any more negatives, keep getting ‘er done, runners. Running is hard. It is hard as heck, but it rewards the hard-workers too.

1) Finish this sentence: Running is…

2) What is one way you motivate yourself to get out there when your brain is thinking, “Ugh, running is hard and not all that appealing at the moment.”
Remember that this little thing called runner guilt will wreck havoc on me until I do, indeed, get my run in.
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15 thoughts on “Hey, Lance, you just got chicked!

  1. 1. …going to make the world a better place. Corny as it sounds, I think that running changes peoples’ lives for the better. And the more often that happens, the better the world will be.

    2. I love a good list. I love checking off the tasks on that list even more. Pursuit of ‘completeness’ (and avoidance of guilt) are what motivate me to get out there, even when I’m not really feelin’ it…

  2. Running is…awesome!!! I love the feeling after a run (long, slow, good or bad!)
    Running is what I do (except when I’m injured!!).
    Running is part of my life!!!

  3. Running is good for lots of things – fitness, mental health, showing yourself what you’re capable of… many, many things!

    I motivate myself by thinking about how great I’ll feel when I’m finished. Or that I’m lucky because I have the ability to run.

  4. Running is……hard, awesome, challenging, fulfilling…but it’s not for everyone either.
    I love running but it’s a challenge and I work very hard at it. I recommend running to everyone but I also acknowledge that it’s possible some people may not love it as much as I do lol

    • while i think running is awesome, i do recognize not everyone is going to share the same passion…so good point! i just think people do need some kind of physical outlet to get them moving. 🙂

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  6. Running is addicting! It’s so hard but so awesome at the same time. When I cannot seem to get my a*# out the door I just tell myself to remember when I wasn’t running and how that felt compared to living in the runner’s body I have now…awesome!

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