How Did I Get Roped Into This Whole Running Thing? – Why We Run and a Sweaty Announcement

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12 Responses to How Did I Get Roped Into This Whole Running Thing? – Why We Run and a Sweaty Announcement

  1. I have always been a runner. My first track meet was in grade school. My dad was a football player, but my mom was a really good runner who had all of the school distance records. Growing up I always wanted to break her records. Gave me some motivation. :-)

  2. I love it! (Both that you are an ambassador, and that your aha moment was more of an aha journey!)

  3. I used to HATE running, absolutely despised it with a passion. We used it as punishment for soccer and basketball for years. In 2010 I started to train for triathlon and running was by far my least favorite discipline.

    One day, I was running on University of Buffalo’s indoor track and I remember the point at which a huge smile came over my face and my laps felt effortless. I ran for what seemed like forever and since then, running has been a way of life for me. Although I prefer the trails, I’ll always strap on my shoes and attack whatever terrain I can find.

    • thanks for stopping by and it sounds like we both had the same assessment of running until that switch-over occurred…lol! i think it’s awesome that u’re a total running convert now and let’s have a moment of respect for the track at Univ. of Buffalo. ;)

  4. Love this! I think my Aha! Moment had to be when I made the decision to lose the weight. I wanted to be healthy and start making healthy decision. So I kicked myself in the, you know what, and got off my rump and just did it! :)

    • glad u like and YOU are such an inspiration missy for how much you have taken your life my the reins and made it so much healthier, and dare i say happier! keep up the great work! :)

  5. Great post, Cait! Can’t wait for all of our readers to read your actual AHA moment too. So glad to have you on board! Sweat Pink!!

  6. Kathy Stenson

    Hey Caitlin…I knew I was a runner when I was training for my half marathon and…well, how shall I say this, there’s no kleenex out on the road…I felt like that made me hard core…
    Aint Kathy

    • HEY!! thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, stranger! ;) hehe. i think u were a runner but u hid it well for a few years, but i’m so glad u found ur runnerhick! :) and i’m so proud of how far u’ve come!!!

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