I Knew I was Random, But Lovely Too?! Thanks! :)

So guess what?!?! I’m smiling because I have earned another blogger award! 🙂 These things can really do wonders for a girl’s self-esteem, but really now, no more because I don’t want my ego to get so big that it is weighing me down on my runs. 😉

I was awarded the One Lovely Blogger Award by two AWESOME people who have blogs of their own that I truly adore. I love reading Amy over at One Chic Chickpea because 1) I am in no way chic so I’m hoping that by reading I can somehow vicariously become a bit chic 2) she’s got mad photog skills and her pictures are stunning and 3) she’s not only got a refreshing and uplifting perspective on everything but every time I leave her blog I feel better and have a smile on my face.

Now Nikki over at The Worth of my Sole I love because she’s got a nice dash of snarky sarcastic wit about her, and I think in real life we’d have some nice banter going on. She also parlays this humor into her pictures…girl says it like it is and shows it like it is. She’s also heckbent on continuing this running journey thang, and since it’s the beset sport around, I, of course approve…hehe. So if you haven’t yet, got check these ladies out! And without further adieu, 7 random facts about me:

1) I’m always right…errr, left…no, I mean right! Okay, so you know how kids usually master the whole left and right thing by about kindergarten? Well, not this chick. I am constantly having a brainfart and saying right, meaning the other right, and making a fool of myself. In fact I’ve got a friend of mine who is by no means lacking in the whole brains department (the jury is still out on me) because he graduated med school and all (don’t worry he finally got his priorities in order and is now a cartoonist, hey you should check Ben out!!) and he too suffers from adult onset right-wrongness. We are starting a support group and are incorporating the little ‘make an L with your left hand as a reminder’ as our secret club sign.

2) I HATE meatloaf…I mean I hate it with a passion. This really isn’t fair really because I have some friends who can cook like a mofo and would probably make a kick butt meatloaf. The thing is, when I was little I had a series of traumatic meatloaf encounters…you did read that right. The first came when I was about five and my mom got really sick with pneumonia, like hospital style sick. So my grandma came and took care of my bro and me. She always made the same nasty meatloaf for dinner and would put a ton of ketchup on the top before putting it into the oven so when it came out it had that nice charred skin on top. Nice. This scarred my bro and I so bad that we refused to eat any kind of meatloaf after; cut to visiting my other set of grandparents and my bro and I were stuck sitting at the table for over three hours in an ‘I refuse to eat this stand off.’

3) That’s Po-Po not Poopoo. My dad is half Chinese-Hawaiian and so I call my grandparents on his side Po-Po and Gung-Gung. Po-Po is Chinese for grandma and I think you can guess the second one. My family throws these terms around so freely we forget sometimes that everyone else probably has no idea what the heck a Po-Po is, so it’s made for some pretty funny miscommunications. PS-My Po-Po is famous for her sweet monkeybread style cakes!!!

4) I’m REALLY afraid of the Wicked Witch of the West. When I was little, like everyone else, I saw the Wizard of Oz. The thing is, while I adored the whole Dorothy-Munchin thing (glad I missed the dead dude hanging in the background thing until high school) I was TERRIFIED of the witch. So much s.o that when my family got us tickets to see the Wizard of Oz on Ice I refused to go and see it because I was afraid the witch would come into the audience and grab me.

5) They took gullible out of the dictionary and put Cait in instead. I’m seriously one of the most gullible people around. Some of my close friends like to really take advantage of that and the things I’ve believed are hi-larious. I’ve gotten better thanks to their hazing but every now and again I fall like a sucker.

6) Say what?! That said, I’m also someone who probably kids around too much and with people I don’t even really know that well. I have a habit of saying sarcastic things or statements made in jest to anyone and everyone, even if it’s the man behind the counter of DMV. Sometimes people do take me literally and I have to go back and say, “Sorry, I’m joking. When you asked me my gender, Mr. DMV Man, I am in fact a female, I just was being a dork. I apologize.”

7) Yes I went to band camp, and yes I played the flute. Thank you American Pie for making any and all bandcamp flautists sort of say that and cringe, awaiting the reaction of the other people and the lame jokes that follow. I actually played the flute from 6th grade through 8th grade and went to bandcamp I believe three years. It was really fun, mostly because my best friend was with me and we’d take full liberty to act as fools. She once got really bored during rehearsal and so naturally started just chewing the heck out of the reed on her clarinet. Cut to an hour later when the instructor asked her to play a solo…hmmm, that reed chewing wasn’t such a good idea. But I actually did take the flute thing really serious and only gave up music to try this whole running thing.

And those are some rando facts about little old me! Now I get to nominate 7 other awesome bloggers to hear about some random stories from them…so here goes my little bloggy buddies:

Melissa at The Healthy Cupcake

Kristine at Running On Hungry

Jen at Run for Anna

Margs at Faster Bunny

Michelle at Crazy Runner Legs


Katy at Fit in Heels

1) What’s something random about yourself?

2) Is there something you were deathly afraid of as a kid that is ridiculously laughable now?

3) Brag on yourself time…anyone race? Kick butt workouts?

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9 thoughts on “I Knew I was Random, But Lovely Too?! Thanks! :)

  1. Fun random facts. I love the Po Po and Gung Gung. My Mom never made meatloaf when we were growing up because my Dad hated it so bad.

  2. HA! That was great! I now know you so much better and love it!!! I played the clarinet in jr high, so I know all about how yummy those reeds are!!

    I was very afraid of the Incredible Hulk! I would make my mom check under the bed, in the closet and promise that he wasn't real every night before going to bed!

  3. Chic is a state of mind Cait and you are one chic cartoon chick!
    I totally qualify as a member of the adult onset right-wrongness club! It is legend in my family that I lack any sort of right or left orientation.
    It's great to know you a little better now.
    My irrational fear? Chickens, nope, didn't leave that behind in childhood, they still kinda freak me out!

  4. you are so sweet for all the links, girl!

    I did this totally random workout where I did two miles, then one mile, and then 3×400 (i wanted to do 4 but I was beat). Turns out doing two miles is harder than doing one! haha 🙂

  5. You are beyond hysterical and I'm obsessed with your blog. Thank you for the tag, can't wait to do this tomorrow!

    Random fact? I HATE condiments (almost all) ketchup, mayo, relish, ranch, saurkraut, anything. I'll do spicy mustard but that's about it!

  6. Omg I just saw this!!!!! Yes!!!! Thank you for the shout out, I will do my random facts this weekend!!!! You are freaking hilarious, I’m still laughing at po-po!!!! And I too HATE meatloaf!!! I was just talking about this to my mom last night!!!

    • YES!!! random factoids must be shared….i can’t wait to see wat u pull out of the closet! haha…and meatloaf should burn in heck. nuff said. 😉

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