I Own up to the Fact I’m Boring…Oh, and I Had a Great Run

Okay, so as you can tell this blog is pathetically bare. I mean if you passed it on the shelves in the store it would be the Bran flakes on the dusty bottom shelf. Not even the brand name flakes either, but the kind that comes in those big old bags not even worthy of the cardboard casing. Pathetic, I know. But hopefully I’ll move it up a rung or two…ever closer to the good stuff. I know I’ll never make it to the Cinnamon Toast Crunch level, I’m far too lame for that rocking status, but at least move on from bag status.

Enough talk about cereal because I’m sure it isn’t helping my cause. I’ve been debating what kind of direction this blog should go in. What do I write about, what should it look like, what kind of ‘writing style’ it should be in? Professional, informative, funny, sharp, witty, trendy? I’ve done a few blogs of my own in the past, written for other people, done the guest blog bit, and have an ongoing one for fitness related info. But I think with this one I’ll just stick to ‘letting it all hang out’ kind of thing. I do enough writing for ‘a purpose’ or what other people ask me to do, so here I’ll just be more random.

I told myself I didn’t just want to do a blog that turned into something akin to a roided up Twitter thing: “Today I got up, went to the bathroom, oh, I’m out of TP…what to do?!?! I used a tissue.” So I wanted to have a clear kind of niche or I guess direction. I also just think I’m too boring to try something like that, nothing interesting enough to post! But we’ll see.

So, I’m laying it out on the line here, there isn’t going to be a real ‘direction’ here, or at least at first. Random most likely. I’m SURE I’ll be talking about running a lot, throw in some quirky short stories, cartoons I’m sure, and I’ll keep it visually interesting with plenty of pix and art. If no one reads this, that’s cool, but it’s always nice sometimes to just ramble along and see what comes out…like a walk with no clear direction but it’s nice to enjoy the scenery.

On an unrelated note, about the running. I haven’t really talked about specifics with anyone since my accident, outside of saying that I’m just super ECSTATIC that I’m actually able to do it. Now, to the scorn of I’m sure plenty of other road warrior runners, I will admit that I’ve become a treadmill junkie. In my defense, a big part of that I think is because I’m freaked out a bit after my accident. I mean even in the parking lot, if I hear the kind of roar of the engine a bit TOO close, I’m kind of jumpy. I need to just get over that, face the beast as they say, and I will…I promise. I know if I was running with someone else it would probably be a lot easier. But for now, I’m treadmilling it. A little mind-numbing at times, yes, but eh, if I’ve got a TV or music going and I’m set.

I haven’t even really attempted any kind of real ‘training’ for a consistent amount of time…mostly just getting in an easy run and running how I feel. But every now and again I do miss that little ‘rush’ of a harder workout effort. Or more correctly, how you feel afterwards, like you’ve accomplished something. I get curious too. My favorite workouts have ALWAYS been tempo runs, I suck at shorter stuff and in tempos I like gradually cutting down the pace. Anyways, not having run ‘fast’ in forever I knew going in that even my ‘tempo’ type effort would be pathetically slow and so I really tried to go in with some pretty low expectations. I did want to at least finish the full distance, and I wasn’t going to try to make it a kind of balls to the wall type effort anyways, it was just a kind of tester. A first one type thing. Usually I don’t like the aim low type attitude, but I just wanted to get a baseline reading.

Anyways, I did it. Yay! Nothing to brag home to Mommy about, but you know what, it felt REALLY GOOD to finish it and get that rush. I missed getting into that workout zone. So to end this now epic (and random) post, I’m feeling good after an early morning workout (though it really stunk because NOTHING good is on TV early Sunday morning!),and now I’ll try to get some work done! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “I Own up to the Fact I’m Boring…Oh, and I Had a Great Run

  1. Thanks, Alison! And how are those two little ones doing…keeping you busy I'm sure! The pictures you've posted are ADORABLE. 🙂

    Raul…you know the thing is, I love them too! But when I thought of bland cereal names, they were the first thing that popped into my head. I like them though after they've sucked up all the milk and are fat and soggy. Is that gross? hehe

  2. "Today I got up, went to the bathroom, oh, I'm out of TP…what to do?!?! I used a tissue." <– hahaha! Love that 🙂
    I think you should talk about whatever is on your mind! & running talk is always good in my book 😉
    I also love tempo runs as well- just fun to see how fast I can get them done.
    Can't wait to read more!!

  3. Haha…thanks, Holly!
    And you're right, running talk is always good. 🙂
    Thanks for the words of encouragement, you're my little blogspiration…lol!
    Finally, tempos are the best, especially when you're midway through, feeling strong, and know you're going to hit a nice time at the end. 🙂

  4. Aside from this being a late reply (but in a sense news is always “news” when you first hear it), I felt compelled to express my appreciation for your keep going forward attitude. I’m just another distance runner among the thousands out there and I would hope most of us think the same, that your story is a powerful encouragement to others. I worry everyday about being hit. It’s so stressful dealing with the overwhelming amount of poor driving out there. When I read your story today (the injury description made me cringe) and how you’ve managed to run again in some fashion actually made my eyes welt a little (in a manly way of course!). The art of running brings people a lot of joy and I hope you are able to always retain it always.
    Well, I only wanted to let you know that stories such as yours are powerful to the soul. Hope things are still going ok currently.
    Take care.

    • This is one of the sweetest comments to received, thank you so much Dave! I greatly appreciate it and I certainly hope all is going well on your end too! BE SAFE out there, it’s become eye opening just how common these runner/cyclist/pedestrians vs. car stories are…I was lucky, and all us runners have to extra cautious.
      Keep running and enjoy the JOY of our awesome sport!

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