I Spy a Runner

Etched across your face are the words you choose to define yourself by.

runner face
Select them carefully, for while you can change them later, some are harder to rub off than others. Labels may be controversial, are they good, are they bad? Who gave them to you, are you just putting them on for show? Do they fit quite right? All that politically correct jazz.

Though RUNNER isn’t a label that I feel looks bad on anyone. Actually it makes them look better. Feel better. Be better.

I like this word, runner, and while I know I’m much more than just a runner, the word suits me just fine and I don’t mind keeping it around. What about you?

1) What are some words that describe yourself?
quirky, OCD, fast-talker, runner, sister, daughter, friend, sarcastic

2) Have those words changed over time to fit you better?

3) If you picked runner amongst your words, can you narrow it down just a little bit more? (ie: distance lover, need for speedster, anti-fartlek, all about the long run)
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20 thoughts on “I Spy a Runner

  1. I happily apply the label ‘runner’ to myself. Other words: book addict, baker, daughter, sister, friend, dog lover, writer.
    I think the labels we put on ourselves are much like those that we apply to other things: some stay forever and other peel off and fall away once their purpose is served.
    My runner label? Music-powered-miler 🙂

  2. I have always thought of myself as a runner, but my coach says that I let running define who I am too much. At first I didn’t think that was possible, but now I can kind of see where he was coming from since I have been injured. EVERYBODY always asks me know about my running- what is my next race? how long did I run today? They don’t ask me how I am as a person, how my job is, etc. They ask about running first. Now that I can’t physically run that drives me freaking crazy. I am other things…not just a runner. I have a professional career, I am a wife, daughter, etc. Does that make any sense, or am I crazy? 🙂

    • TOTALLY makes sense and i’ve gotten the same sort of thing before too. i think it comes down to remember that people do love us for who we are as people regardless of how running fits in…remember that especially during times of injury. ya, if anyone asks about my running during those times i have the urge to punch them. 😉 jk…hehe

  3. I love being called a ‘runner’!

    I also love your words to describe you. Mine would be talker, friend, runner, determined, head-strong and busy.

    I don;t know what type of runner I am yet – but I’m enjoying finding out!

  4. I love being a runner, and happily identify myself that way. I should get it tattooed somewhere highly visible. That way when I’m out doing crazy runner things (wearing compression socks everywhere or eating 3 breakfasts at IHOP) people will know there’s a reason behind it.

    • omg…i think runners should be getting some kinda discount over at IHOP…i mean c’mon, they offer senior discounts, runners are WAY cool and more entitled. 😉

  5. “Runner” is probably the last word that would describe me, but I just have to say how much I admire your love of it and dedication to the sport. It’s truly awesome to see!

  6. I am blessed to be able to run right now and consider myself a runner (I was injured for quite a while and struggled with what I was during that time!). It has taken me a while to actually think of myself as a “runner”, but now I do and I love it!

  7. I label myself a runner; I’m also a wife, a sister, a friend, and shy.

    I’d also label myself as a half-marathon lover. Last race season I did 8 half marathon from October to April. Not planning on doing that many this year, but I have a few on my list.

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