I’m a Runner So I Can Be Lazy

I’m a runner so that means I can be selectively lazy.

runner on beach

On a typical day I’ll run at least 9 miles but if I’m driving I’ll be darned if I won’t scope out the closest possible parking spot.

I will also feel no guilt if on my way home I will pull up to the curb where my mailbox is, crane out the window and get it, and then drive across the street home.

I will lift weights and do my strength work but I’ll curse at the flipping iron rolly gate that weighs a bazillion pounds when it refuses to budge and allow me to close it.

I’ve busted my bum doing repeat 800’s or 5 miler tempo runs but then get schooled by a five year old in  a race to the soccer ball. I’m a long distance chick, so hey, don’t judge.

I can talk about how important it is to stretch, I will dedicate myself to periods of being REALLY good and stretching like I should, but STILL not be able to touch my toes. My excuse is that my legs are seriously my whole body so proportionately my arms never stood a chance.

I love doing long runs, so 90 min’s and upwards, but I will complain about how flipping looooong it takes to walk anywhere. Funny how walking one mile time seems like an eternity. I think that’s why I just hate walking so much, I’m just impatient and I want to get there.

I like running so much also because you get ‘the most bang for your buck.’ I talk to cyclists and have been told that the ratio of running to cycling miles is about 3:1 or 4:1. Again, I’m impatient, I’d rather run for an hour than have numbbutt syndrome for three or four.


I will ask my sibling to hand me the piece of paper that is on the counter about five feet away, even if they might have to get up to do. Even if they say no, it was worth a shot.

On the flip side I HATE car rides, long flights, and anything that forces me to sit still for too long. This is, I know, sort of screwy because I can be sucked into my laptop for hours writing, FBing, etc. but I refuse to go to a movie that pushes too far past the two hour mark. Maybe it’s the idea that I am forced or ‘trapped’ in a car and there is no option of leaving??

I’m a runner and I can be selectively lazy; but I still retain the right to make fun of people who are just straight up lazy.

mom in bathtub

This was an old Mom's Day card I made...hence the kids tied up in the background. 😉

1) What are some of the funny, quirky things you ‘allow’ yourself to do because you workout?

2) What are just some random weird things you do?

3) What is the name of your third grade teacher? Can you remember? Do you have a particularly ‘traumatic’ grammar school moment that may or may not still influence something about you today?

Okay, third grade teacher was Mrs. Hayes, I will never forget her because I am dead certain she is the spawn of the devil. Random grammar school moment that I am also certain must have something to do with me eventually being self-conscious if I’m running too slow: second grade PE class, it had been raining in the morning and my mom had made me wear rubber rain boots to school. Back then you didn’t change for PE class so when they had us go and run, probably about 300 meters, I was about dead last because I was trucking bricks for shoes. Patrick McKibbin (look, I still vividly remember this) whizzed past me and says, “You’re slow.” I hated him for that for years.

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11 thoughts on “I’m a Runner So I Can Be Lazy

  1. Ok I can’t believe you don’t like PB. You are probably the only person I know that doesn’t like it! If you try PB and Co you might just change your mind!

    I am guilty of laziness at times too. I generally like walking a lot but when it comes to parking spots or having to get things or do things around the house, I will use every excuse in the book!

    Weird thing I do? Bring my laptop to the bathroom with me…on occasion. TMI?

  2. I laughed so much at this post, thanks for the chuckle 🙂
    I actually really like walking and I work in a lifestyle change research program so I always park further away, take the stairs, in fact, we are currently running a research program on ourselves (dedication to science = nerdish workplace 🙂 ) so we have standing work stations. Even though I spend my whole day on a computer I am standing up! I really like it, it’s much harder to fall asleep when you know that you’ll knock yourself out on your keyboard on the way down!
    Random weird thing I do…I get very cranky if I can’t sit on ‘my’ couch. I didn’t buy it or anything but it is the perfect length for me to sit on and stretch my legs out while balancing my laptop on my lap. Also, I might be guilty of similar situations to Christina’s little TMI above….
    Third grade teacher Miss Jodi – an angel with gold hair and a guitar. Still in contact 🙂

  3. Hey girl! Haha I hate walking …totally with you that it takes TOO FREAKING LONG. Biking is fun but yeah takes way longer :(.

    So…I never did see your comment on the grade thing. Can you repeat ? 🙂
    Thanks for the encouragement on the 1000s – I can’t figure out if I’m getting faster or if I”m just putting myself through more pain. haha!

      • Hey! I saw ur post on the grad.
        I used to have a crush on a guy at the bike shop (don’t tell the bf), but it’s totally gone away now. Maybe my motivation will go away too. haha.

        Yeah TOTALLY agree with you on the grade once you get up to the faster speeds that 1.5% is more “real”.
        I love that you remember my workouts! I totally memorize other people’s paces and # of repeats and everything too. We’re running geeks, it’s ok :).

        I am really pumped with how my running has been going lately but I’ll need to get outside for some workouts soon. 🙂

        • haha…i almost didn’t wanna make the crack about the eye candy on ur bike rides, lest the BF read, but i’m preeeeetty sure there’s no way in heck he’d come here so i’ll fire away and give u a hard time! just kidding, hey, nothing wrong with looking and acknowledging that yes, someone is looking hot. 🙂

          okay, i’m super glad that my workout recall didn’t totally creep u out! lol. but honestly, u’re running is improving so much u should be stoked! ya, trying to head out to a track for some of those is a good idea but i kno with travel especially that can be really tricky. and at least with a treadmill u can be sure of a pace vs. just running on the streets/roads. either way u’re putting in the work and u’re seeing results. hopefully that might sway the surfer girl to keep on a ‘quasi-planned training program’? haha. keep it up girl, i’ll vicariously live thru u on the races! 🙂

  4. I think we are the same person. Seriously EVERYTHING here pretty much=me!!! I tell myself it’s perfectly ok to be lazy cos I run. So that MAKES it ok 😉

    Aaaah so many scarring moments! Like being the only girl in the class who couldn’t finish the 800m-it was too far for me! 😛 I can’t BELIEVE someone said YOU were too slow!! You’re like the fastest person I know!!!

    • yup, u’re deff my twinsie from across the pond. 😉 isn’t it funny how looooong that 800 seemed back in yesterworld?? i remember walking and getting mad at my mom for signing me up for the 1/2 kiddie race at a road race! lol

  5. AHHHHHHHH. this post is the story of my life. The parking lot thing is so true. i always want to park so close and will end up driving around forever to find a close spot…then i get frustrated because driving is taking too long. hahaha.

    i think my 3rd grade teacher was mrs. choate. i liked her. she would read to us. but get frustrated because i hated only reading 1 chapter a day so i would go home and read the entire book that night. then know what happens. bahaha. i was a stubborn kid. maybe i still am… 🙂

    • oh my gosh, i did the SAME thing with the reading…haha. we had those little ‘easy reader’ books from 1st-3rd grade and i’d come in asking for the next book after the first couple of days and get in trouble. power to us rebels and voracious readers. 😉

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