“I’m Better Than You” — Being confident in yourself doesn’t mean you have to be an ego-maniac

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13 thoughts on ““I’m Better Than You” — Being confident in yourself doesn’t mean you have to be an ego-maniac

  1. bahahaha. i so needed this. i always think like “I WILL finish this race with xx time or xx goal” and then i add a hopefully at the end. oops.

    k. i need to work on channeling. I WILL run AND FINISH this ultra. Before that I WILL confidently TRAIN for it! haha. okay. i need some practice but i also needed to hear this post.

    loved your comment on my post. siblings really are the best:)

    • haha…yea, we’ll just have to stick a gu or powerbar into ur mouth right after ur goal so u can’t add anything else. 😉 jk.
      awww, and yea, sibs are the best!

  2. You are funny! yes, a rappers attitude….
    In track, we used to sing a song to the tune of “I’m the King of Rock” it went like this…
    “I’m the King of The Mile!!
    There is none higher,
    When I run by,
    You call me Sire!!
    …and I wont’ stop running until I retire.”
    I totally agree with your post, and I remember the morning of my Boston Qualifier, and saying I hope to be done by 3:20, but I Knew I’d be done by 3:30, and then realized I was setting myself for failure, giving myself an “out”, and I needed to fully believe, and to ‘know’ that I could do a 3:20 as strongly as I believed in the 3:30. As it was, I finished in 3:20:00 exact, right on the button, and after ten years finally got my BQ. (I may just cry thinking about it.)

    • look at u busting out the lyrics!! awesome, but u kno that all-time BEST running song is cake’s ‘the distance’…just saying. 😉
      glad u liked the post and ur story right there proves the point! believe in that 3:20 and let it be, baby!! how awesome that u pinned it right on the nose. :)

  3. Oh, this is such a great post! I like the way you look at self-confidence and also draw attention to the negative side effect of becoming an ego-maniac. It’s all about balancing it!

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