Just Because I Love You: Running is the Ever Constant Cupid

Whether you are single or with a special someone, never fret because even if the fat, little Cupid didn’t come visit you with chocolates and arrows, running’s got you covered. True, it may not be able to spoon you in the middle of the night, but running can be an ideal partner in plenty of other ways. It will bring you presents all year round, not just one day in February…
Running will surprise you with…

* A dozen sweaty socks littered throughout your house. Actually these sneaky stinkers will pop up darn near everywhere, in your car, in your bag, maybe even static clung to your pants. Who can keep track of them all? Anti-blister, moisture wicking sentiments of miles past. Is that one clean or dirty?

* Running shoes as far as the eyes can see. Or at least you can drool over them in the rainbow of colors…ghosts of runs past.

* A foot-full of callouses and blisters.
Really, who needs a box full of chocolates when you can look at these puppies?

* A training log scribbled with jargon. Fartleks on Monday (a little extra oomph thanks to the bean burritos on Sunday, no doubt), breakdown tempo on Thursday, a PR (or PB if you prefer) on Sunday…running’s little love poems.

* A lost toenail out of the blue. You peel off that sock and SURPRISE, running left you a little token of it’s adoration of your sweatiness.

You see, running loves us one and all…in pairs, in singles, and even in droves if you swing that way.
valentines girls
Happy Valentine’s Day from me to you…because I love anyone who comes and visits me, my gift to you is also that I hope you inhale unholy amounts of something delicious…hey, we work for dem miles we can eat just as hard too! 😉

1) What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Even if you don’t buy into the whole Hallmarky thing, please feel free to report the happenings of just a regular Tuesday.

2) What love tokens has running blessed you with as of late?

3) If you are in a relationship, is your partner active? Are they also a runner? Do you think runners tend to pair up?
I think like minded individuals naturally come together sure and can share the same interests. I know lots of runner couples but I also know couples where one just thinks the other is plain crazy for wanting to run.

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4 thoughts on “Just Because I Love You: Running is the Ever Constant Cupid

  1. I had a “date” with my friend Bethany. We ate dinner and exchanged cards, it was lovely. The Valentine’s day gift running has given me was to be able to run the day after Valentine’s day, after a week of having a cold.

  2. (catching up haha) this is so great….”running’s love poems”. its so true! my training log definitely loves me back. well, it schools me and keeps me grounded at least. 😛 I rocked my single-girl swag on V-Day, and yes I am picky and only date other athletes. He doesn’t need to be a world champion (and I accept runners, cyclists, and triathletes…any endurance athlete), he just needs to understand my own running craze and that he will always come in second haaah. ok kidding on the last one, but you know. 😛

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