Kiss My June-bug Good-bye and Drawing in the Morn

Dang, I can’t believe we’ve already wrapped ourselves around to another Friday! I have some crazy sleep issues, so I was up super early and cranked out a few miles on the good old tready. A bit over 8.5 to be more precise and while I was captain sluggy sweat I did my core and abs.

I always feel better working out in the morning. I’m the girl who likes to roll out of bed, into the shoes, and get things moving. Well, that is after I dally around for about 20 mins on the computer to give my nice little intestines some time to work things through if you know what I mean. Gotta have a little time before, nothing worst than pinching those buns for dear life while on your run.

Okay, nice TMI to start your morning. So after that I was in a sort of drawing mood; I usually like to have some kind of image or inspiration in mind when I set out to sketch, but I was thinking and Google imaging around and nothing really leaped out at me. Still, I was heck-bent on doing something. I had looked at random pictures for too long hoping to come up with an idea to then not come up with something; sort of like going past the point of no return. Or sitting through a movie and even though it’s bad you make yourself sit through it because you’ve already wasted over an hour and you might as well just finish it off.

Actually, I’ve never gotten up and left a movie theater…probably more because I’m way cheap and if I’m paying that much I’m going to see the whole dang thing. But I know some people who walk out regularly, I guess their time is worth more than the ticket price. Do you do that, leave a movie if it sucks? How sucky does it have to get for you to pull out?

The same goes for workouts I guess too. Days when you’re really not feeling it or maybe don’t even want to start…we all get ’em. Usually to get my butt moving I tell myself I’ll just start and if 5 minutes rolls by and I want to stop, okay. I know it’s a lie going in but eh, it gets the ball rolling and once 5 minutes passes I either feel fine or tell myself just to do 5 minutes more, etc. until I end up doing what I had intended. All about those lies…baby!

Well, nice little tangents I’m going on today. Well, since I don’t walk out of movies and I wanted to draw something I did. Not sold on how much I like any of it, but we all have those quasi-star movies and thus quasi-star showings of ourselves.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist and sometimes that can bite me in the butt. If I don’t like how something is turning out I can spend way too much time on details, certain details that is a good thing but on other really minor things, sometimes I just have to tell myself to stop. If I don’t I’ll never finish anything.

But distinguishing which details are minor enough to foggeddabout can be tough. Also, I don’t like showing things that are sucky, but I’ll go out on a limb and try to let that go too. We all have a spectrum of stuff we do…the things we really love and are proud of, the ones we hate, and then tons of stuff that in the middle. So be it. Live and let be.

So I’ll show what I came up with, also out of laziness on my part because I’m out of things to write. Bwahaha. Be warned because I HATE doing faces and really suck at them. I’m working on that, but it’s a weakness I’m trying to get better at. The eyes always look kinda freaky-weaky.

Here’s the sketches I was doodling away on. I sometimes like the loose sketch lines better than the finished ones because sometimes the harsh lines look too neat/clean/naked to me.

Trying to go for a little ‘Game Face’ thing on the side. Oh, you like my classy binder paper?

Supposed to be a runner tired after a race/interval but it turned out that like kid in The Ring.

Here’s the end result of one of the sketches. Hate her face, but watevs.

The other finished one of the running silhouette.

And that’s all for me today!! If you haven’t read up the latest Fairy Tale that is sure to be turned into the next Disney feature film, do take a gander…it’s got running, fro-yo and dare I say a pretty kick@$$ cast! 🙂

1) We kicked June to the curb, what’s on tap for your July?

Actually something pretty big for me but I’m gonna wait and share later. Sorry, I’m lame like that.

2) Bad movies, bad meals, bad dates? Do you walk out, not finish, climb out the bathroom window or do you force it through to the end? Also, if you have a really awesome bad date (or anything I guess) anecdote do share!

2) Do you have trouble distinguishing which details are too minor to sweat from the ones that really matter?

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12 thoughts on “Kiss My June-bug Good-bye and Drawing in the Morn

  1. Love your art!! I wish I was the slightest bit artistic.

    I've never walked out of a movie – but I'm really picky about what I see in the theater.

    I think have kids cured me of sweating the small stuff. It's been a gradual process and one that I appreciate immensely!

  2. you are seriously talented. I love seeing all of your newest designs!

    I have never walked out of a movie…if I have paid for something I am sticking with it. Thats just how it goes. probably because I have so little money so every little bit is precious. haha

    yeah…i have to admit…that cast was pretty amazing.

    and you win comment of the day on my blog for saying such nice things about my jumping pic! 😉

  3. I love the running silhouette–so cool! I don't leave movies, or bad dates in the past for that matter. yes, I'm cheap, but also I guess I'm nervous about making a scene? I'm also the girl that will need to pee for a 12 hour flight but feel bad about getting up or making the guy in the aisle move. I'm working on not caring what people think so much!

  4. I've sat through way too many crappy movies, but don't remember ever walking out of one. I've never left in the middle of a date either, but I have not been on a lot of dates either. I have to be interested enough in the person before I go out with them. So I have turned down a few in as nice a way as possible, like lying about having a boyfriend. I do remember meeting a guy at some club in college. We danced/hung out that night, but I just wasn't that into him. When he asked for my number, I felt bad if I didn't give it to him. Well, I should have done the fake number thing because he did call me several times over the next few days, but I never answered. I try to be too nice, but this one backfired. It would have been nicer of me to turn him down from the start.

  5. crazyrunnerlegs…thanks so much, but i'm sure u're not giving urself enough credit. 🙂

    julia…can i put the cast up for an oscar? is that jumping the gun too early? 😉 and glad u liked my comment…work it model girl!

    vanessa…u need to start caring less about putting others out when u're clearing suffering!! 12 hours, holy cow i woulda peed my pants!! there's a diff between doing wat u need or saying ur mind and being selfish. but u're working on it…i expect u to start making demands here soon enough. 😉

    txrunnergirl…haha, how awkward! i'm woefully dating inexperienced but i'd prolly have made the same mistake as u and not have given out a fake number. prolly also cuz i'm so bad at lying or being on the spot, if i tried to make something up it'd be totally obvious or like an 8 digit phone number. stick to finding ur guys via message boards, much safe. 😉

  6. Oh my goodness! How come I haven't found your blog till now?? It is GOOD girl! You are a very talented writer. And funny too! You are also a great artist! I can't wait to come back for more!

    Can we be friends??? 🙂

  7. thank u so very much nikki!! ur kind words put a huge smile on my face! 🙂

    so glad that we were able to meet up in this bloggy world and OF COURSE we can be friends!! i mean u are a trivia genius after all, maybe some of those smarts will rub off on me. 🙂

  8. I don't think I've ever walked out of anything. I too, am cheap.If I payed freakin' 12 bucks to see a movie.. you best believe that I am watching every second of it.. til the last closing credit.

    You have such awesome talents. It amazes me that anyone can do such phenominal things with a pen, paper..and then transfer that to technology. You are awesome! 🙂

  9. Like all the people said above me…freakin' awesome drawinz.
    I fall asleep in every movie unless I love it. It's not even voluntary…the movie starts and I'm out. 🙂
    I'm starting to get better at sweating only the big stuff but it's hard. I'm super chill on the outside and super high strung on the inside….it's so haaarrddd to be meeee 🙂
    I CANT WAIT TO SEE what cool thing you're going to announce for July :).

  10. Ahhh you're so talented, love the sketches! And when I'm working I'm totally a jump outta bed (I wait dally around for about 20 mins too!) and get right into my run. I've been so lazy lately though since I don't have to wake up early for work…runs get pushed back later and later!!

    And you will not find me walking out of a movie, even if it's really bad I can still find a way to enjoy it aka making fun of it :p

  11. Beautiful awesome sketches! Love them especially the fourth one! The way you say it– differentiating minor details from those that really matter is quite a big problem to me. Can't get these sort of things right most of the time!

    I never walk out of a movie! I'll just sit and laugh about every excruciating detail in my mind for self- entertainment 😀 Bad meal? Walk. Out.(after coming up with some lame excuse)

    By the way, did you learn how to draw and sketch yourself? Because I'm really really impressed! 😀

  12. banana cait! 🙂 thanks for stopping by and i'm with you 110%! i'm the dork who squeezes every last DROP out of my toothpaste before i chuck it out…lol. and thanks so much for the kind words on my art! 🙂

    margs, haha my mom is the SAME way as you…she never can stay awake thru a movie. we finally just stopped even asking her to go with us, just to take a nap at home. jk 😉 i'll share news soon. lol.

    melissa….did u ever see that movie 'wrong turn'? that one was SO bad, it was laughable and my friend and i turned a 'horror' flick into a comedy. sometimes that makes just as good a time. 😉

    and to my baker friend, that you so much, u always say such sweet things! i am self-taught and have always been a doodler/drawer. it took me FOREVER to even attempt integrating the computer stuff, and even now i always like to draw freehand, ink it out and scan it in. i'll use the software to help color and stuff but i like the control i get with the pen/paper i can 'feel.' that said, i'm still in utter awe of you and anyone else who has such prowess in the kitchen! 🙂

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