Leap Day, Laugh Day…

“I believe laughter is the best calorie burner.” -Audrey Hepburn
audrey hepburn

Does that mean I can laugh this off?? 😉


While I might beg to differ in regards to the ultimate activity that burns calories (sorry, running has to trump in the end…hey, running while laughing! Hehe.) laughter is one of life’s greatest blessings. Sometimes an untapped resource.

Laughing (even if forced at first) releases those feel good endorphins, similar to running actually.

Yes, amidst the crummy times, laughing seems like the LAST thing we want to do. BUT sometimes you have to just laugh at the fact that ‘yes, indeed, this situation sucks the big one…and this is getting to the point of ridiculously crappy, this could only be happening in MY life!’

Running teaches us that sometimes it’s a matter of muddling through the rough patches (injuries, days of feeling flat, poor races, crummy workouts, etc.) and remembering that eventually there will the good times. (PR’s, awesome workouts, incredible long runs, etc.) Laughing off a bad race can help, “Ummm, yea, so I definitely was doing the granny crawl that last lap!” Take away and learn from the bad days, see where/if you can improve and look forward to next time.

In the end, sometimes you can laugh or cry…but going the laughing route will make it easier to get up and face another day. And hey, if we live by Audrey’s words it’s just another excuse to inhale more Pop-Tarts and tasty yummies!! 😉

1) Leap Day, Laugh Day…what made you laugh today?

2) Did you get in this ‘extra’ sweat session for the year? What did you do?
Yup…got me my elliptical on.

3) Do you use laughter to cope with rough patches or getting through not so fun scenarios?
All the time, sometimes people think I make jokes at ‘inappropriate’ times but it’s all going back to picking laughter or being really glum! 😛

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14 thoughts on “Leap Day, Laugh Day…

  1. I find hysterical laughter is a great way to deal with stressful / awkward situations! My extra sweat came from a silks class tonight, and I have twin bruises on my upper arms to show for it.

    Happy Leap Day!

  2. That cakes looks amazing!!! I still love rainbow anything like I’m a little girl 🙂 I find that laughing doesn’t come easy for me even if smiling does. So here’s to finding more ways to laugh out load! I did get my extra sweat on yesterday 2 hour dance class and 1 hour on the stationary bike even in rainy weather! yay

  3. I LOVE TO LAUGH! There’s a line from the movie Michael that I love. Its; “You got to learn to laugh, it’s the way to true love.” And it’s true! Laughter makes everything better, and lets be honest, no one likes a grouch.

  4. LOVE TO LAUGH!! Seriously, one of my favorite things ever. My students make me laugh so hard. I NEED that cake, looks delicious. When my mom and I get overly stressed or something bad happens we can’t stop laughing sometimes…I don’t know why!

    • laughing IS the best!! and it’s funny when u get into those fits where u just can’t stop and it starts to hurt…umm, hello secret ab workout. lol 🙂

  5. Oh I LOOOVE to laugh…and sadly I was laughing so so hard the other day and I couldn’t remember the last time that I’d had such a great laugh. So this is something that I want to work on. Decreasing stress in the rest of my life is the best way to do that, so right now I’m working on getting stuff organized and settled so that I can hopefully make more room in my brain for laughter!! (If that makes any sense, haha.)

  6. you and I would make great “crappy-times” buddies – I also try to make light of bad situations and crack jokes about it! I usually go through a period of like a couple hours to a day where I feel angry and grumpy and sad, but then its like “well, okay, if I’m able to laugh/smile about this then I can pretty much do anything!” Life throws a lot of lemons your way, so ya might as well laugh about it as much as you can! 😀

    Oh btw, the wildlicious poptarts….you were right, not all they’re cracked up to be. the WildBerry ones are so much better! I actually prefer the fruity ones to the chocolaty ones (only if icing is included), oddly, but I think I’m gonna try freezing the chocolaty ones and that could be awesome haha.

    • haha…ya, i’ll be the one laughing from the casket. 😉

      glad we agree on the wildlicious stance, but get back to me after those frozen chocolate ones, mmmk?? that said, sometimes u do just need something fruity and delish! and seriously, the non-frosted ones just need to be removed from the shelves, waste of space that could be used for more of the othres. 😉

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