Legs to Crush a Runway

I love what Sally Bergesen, founder of Oiselle, recently posted HERE. Fashion is chasing us. Atfter all the original leggings were running tights I’m sure.

running and life fashion

Run. Life. Fashion

I couldn’t be more on-board with this, at last the fashion mavens and my world intersect. Would it too brazen to say that my runnerchick friends and I helped cause this shift with our #SweatsintheCity movement? Possibly, probably, but who cares?

Running clothes are comfortable, if others want to call it fashionable (and I’ve given you GOOD REASON to find them fashionable…Bergesen does too in fact), then that’s awesome.

But outside of comfort, may I tell you that for me, running clothes represent much more than a fashion statement. The love runs much deeper.

Running makes me feel special. It’s not the only thing, but it sure does make me feel special. No matter what happens in a day, if I’ve gotten my run on I feel accomplished. Most ‘regular’ people flee from discomfort, I run towards it, embrace it because it’s a test.

I wear my running shorts in public and they are a token reminder that I worked that day.
ezzere peacock runner tee
Running has introduced me to my best friends, opened me up to an entire community of people that, without even knowing them or needing to say a word to them…we GET each other.

The running shirt I’m wearing feels especially fashionable after a hard workout. I want to eke out every second of the feeling that comes with pushing my body.

Running gives me focus. Creativity. The best ideas always come to me on my run, or the loose thoughts finally connect.

My running shoes are more comfortable than heels.

#SweatsintheCity may have moved to the bona-fide runway, but unlike the thin legged models, fashion moguls, or masses of those donning these duds purely because it’s now ‘cool’ to do so…I, WE, are not posers.

My fashion is legit. Because within these running shirts, tanks, shoes, beat the hearts of real runners. With legs that could crush a runway.

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7 thoughts on “Legs to Crush a Runway

  1. Right there with you – if I don’t have a meeting (the business kind), you better believe that I’m wearing running clothes – I always feel at my best that way!!!

  2. Oh my goodness I love slipping off my office wear in the afternoon and getting changed into my ‘real Amy’ clothes. Running tights, sneakers and a great big smile because I feel like myself again 🙂

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