Miles Madness Week 1 Update: Totals, Prizes and Gluttony

It’s Sunday afternoon, do you know where your run is?? We’re in the midst of some Miles Madness, so if your run was a long one in the morning than I hope maybe as you’re reading this you are getting your food onslaught on. Cut to this…
nike plus runner update
Thank you to all the awesome runners in the September Miles Madness Competition, we’ve got our first week done and I’ve LOVED getting all of your email updates. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you guys and some of your emails have literally made my day/week; hearing how motivated you are and what goals you’re running towards gets me all jazzed up like a chipmunk on crack! Okay, my team kicks major butt in the coolness factor, just saying.

A couple of my little sheep haven’t sent in their miles (Yo, we’re all busy so no worries, but if you do have a chance just and wan to pass them my way and I can be sure to update the grid.) but our total for the first week came out to be: 402.59 [Updated: since the original posting I received the totals for a few more runners and it put us at 563.01 miles!! Da-dang…soooo, you know what that means? We rock…hard! Keep it up!!]. Way to go you guys! Also have to love the fact I’ve got fellow OCD runners with those hundredths. 😉 Jk. That said…I’ve got to report that Team Ashley is currently rocking 496 miles, so yea. But, it’s only Week 1 and let’s be honest we all know the end of a race is where it’s at, I think my team is going to roll with the negative splits in racing analogy and be major kickers over the next weeks!

I ALSO wanted to share some exciting prize news!! We’ve added some BIC Bands and a sweet Oiselle 50/50 running shirt to the loot pot!! Wheeee! 🙂

Remember it’s also never too late to join up in the Miles Madness Competition so if you’re reading this and want to take part drop me a line and get running! Email:
Here are the stats:

Awesome Team Cait Runner


Miles 9/1-9/7


Ali @ Running With Spatulas 11
Antonia 15
Kate @ Run With Kate 16
Patty 6
Amy @ Proud Patriot 27.5
Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner  
Mark @ Running, Writing and Chasing the Dragon 40
Kathy 11.23
Missy @ Southern Girl Running 18.25
Staples 89
Christina @ The Athletarian 19
Katherine @ Neon Blonde Runner  
Amy @ Raz-ma-taz 30.84
Brani @ Faith, Fitness and Laughter 8
Chelsea @ Chelsea Wanders 30
Melissa 24
Dennis 47.5
Morgan @ Running [Dharma] Bums 39
Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life 28
Steph 16
Julia @ Pain, Pride and Perseverance 47
Sabrina @ Sweet Southern Sweat 8
Janelle 31.69




Okay, guys, we either need to go out and bust some knee caps or get some more miles for our team. I’m going to go with the second option, it’s no fun being a runner with mangled legs.

So, tell your running friends, grab random strangers on the street, lasso other harriers you see at the track and tell them that donating their miles to Team Cait in the Miles Madness Champs is what all the cool kids are doing. Plus, at this point I’ve talked too much smack to NOT make sure we win…I’m in too deep, guys.

Keep it up all my awesome runner buddies, and remember to email me your totals each Friday. Heck, you’re also always free to email me just whenever and update me on how much you’re kicking running’s butt too, I always like those emails. 🙂
runner eating donuts

Alright runner posse, I’m out. You know what you now need to go do, right? You ran, time to refuel. 😉

1) What was your run like today? Was it a long run day, a short run, a speed workout, a junky monkey but it’s done run, a super crazy my legs felt awesome run, a race, or maybe a planned rest day?

2) Competitiveness, do you tend to be competitive by nature? In things outside of running? Do you talk smack?
Honestly, I stink at so many things that I still love to do (ie: soccer, games, air hockey, etc.) I gave up being realistically competitive so I make up for it in faux smack talk. It’s all just a charade though, I know I’m going to lose. 😛 Buuuut, not in the Miles Madness…mmmk.

3) If you are behind or losing in something, how do you try to rally the troops and make up the gap? Can you relate this to running and racing specifically?
It’s all about keying off of your competition or the person ahead of you. Also, don’t let the negative self talk start up and whine that you should just give up.

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19 thoughts on “Miles Madness Week 1 Update: Totals, Prizes and Gluttony

  1. Hey, I e-mailed mine in on Saturday… I don’t know if you got it or it went to your spam or you didn’t know who to put it with. But it was 27.5 miles for Sept 1-7. I think for the next challenge, you guys should do a google doc and we can put them in that way, it might be easier for everyone? But this will help you get up on the other competitors.

    I love that top image! I need that with my name on it because I’m running like 12 next Saturday for a long run, training for a half.

    • omg, thank u for saying something i didn’t get ur email!! i looked thru the junk folder but can’t find it…i will update the new total and i’m so sorry! if u get a chance at some point will you try emailing me a tester and see if it goes through?? hotmail is being a butthead. and thanks for the awesome google doc idea…i agree that would prolly have been a better/easier route to go! will def. keep in mind for the future.

      PS-got that last bit there, will be working on it…stay tuned. 😉

      • To me Google docs is the best way. I had a friend who tried to do it with one of those apps for a contest we did (it involved running enough miles to get to Iraq and there was supposed to be a race at the end that raised money for the troops), but not everyone tracks their miles with an app so it really didn’t work out well. Google docs, anyone can edit that and type it in themselves whenever they want, also helpful if someone wants to update it every day with whatever they ran.

    • YEA team indeed!! please, u can do no wrong in my eyes and even if u are late every time i’d still luv me my julz! 🙂 and u taper like a champ cuz u are about to GET ‘ER DONE!!!

    • hey, no worries and thanks for the update! sorry, i think in the future we’ll have an easier way to get the totals so u guys don’t have to worry about sending an email…people are busy enough as it is. going forward too, u can always leave me a comment if that’s easier for u.

    • Beautiful Brandi!! omg, i’m sooo sorry, i never got your email!! looks like i’m having trouble with Hotmail, this is the second email (that i know of) that i never got. have u tried to email me before this too? only because i know u had mentioned that u would, and i had wondered if maybe u changed ur mind about that, so i never bugged u. but now i feel horrible thinking if u DID email and i never got back to u, i don’t want u to think i just blew u off!!! okay, so i’m going to send u a test email out and will u try to reply and see if i can get it back??? i’m not a hotmail fan at the moment and i feel horribly!! XOXO

    • 1) i don’t believe you 😉 2) totally kidding…sorry, yesterday i was going back and forth doing updates and flubbed the 2 and 4 thing but caught it later and fixed it but prolly after u saw the 20. going forward things on this blog should be less of a cluster-fudge when i do the updates…i promise. well, maybe…hehe. jk. thanks for being patient and always please yell at me or leave a comment if u catch something like that! thanks!

      • crap…okay, scratch my last excuse up there because i forgot to refresh paste the grid i was working off of in Word to my website, when i thought i had. so i deserve to be hazed for cheating people miles…i offer my most sincere apologies. i’m on a mad string of idiotic flubs as of late!!

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