Mischief Runner and the Three Running Store Workerbees

There once was a little runner out for some mischief one night. She waited in the dark until the last three workerbees at the running store locked up and left before she crept out of the shadows. She tiptoed to the back door of the shop and carefully worked the doorknob.

Success!! “Bwahaha…that little tape on the doorthingy she learned back at running camp years ago still worked! So much for trespassing staying current with the latest decade.”

smiling runner

A runner getting into some mischief!

Inside, there were odd shadows cast on the walls; she could make out the ones that looked like prison bars, but she knew they were just the racks and racks of clothes. All the shadows were gone though when she flipped on the lights and headed over to the shoe racks to get down to business.

“Alright, gotta get a new pair of shoes,” she thought. She picked up the first one, “Whoa, way too heavy for this girl…this shoe is a clunker, I’d sound like a Clydesdale tromping down the street!” She laughed inside and put that Beast back on the wall.

The next one she picked up was much lighter, “I wish I could run in these Pegasus ones but alas I’m too much of a pronater.” With a little sigh of remiss she put the shoe back.

“Aha!” she finally delighted, “these are perfect! I’ve been waiting for them to finally bring back the Structure Triax of many years past, before they did all those wonky changes, and here’s a pair!” She nearly squealed but didn’t want to make too much noise; instead she grinned and slipped on the shoes.

“Watches, watches, watches,” she hummed as she did a few lunge walks over to the watch case. Opening the door she picked up the first one she saw, “My word, this thing would barely fit on my bicep, and look how many thing-a-ma-jiggys there are on here! GPS, current pace, overall pace, projected pace, calories burned, heart rate, target heart rate zone…sheesh, talk about information overload.” She shook her head and put it back in the case.

“This one looks like fun!” the next watch she pulled out was in fact just that, “But, I’d probably get some odd looks wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles watch.” She put that one back in the case as well.

“This one should do me just fine,” she picked up the third watch and put it on her wrist. “Not too big, gives me time and distance, that’s all I really need to know, perfect!”

She did a quick dash over to the racks of clothing, “Well, I will treat myself to one new outfit as well, why not?” She picked up a brightly colored article and stuck her tongue out, “I will never be caught dead in one of these running skirts, I don’t care what everyone else thinks about them.” She put the pink, frilly skirt back on the rack; actually she buried it in the back.

fat runner

“This thing looks like a tent!” she exclaimed in her head at the second piece she picked up. Indeed the shirt was an XXXXL, “Hey, you gotta give the runner donning one of these some credit though, power to you, Sumoman!” Back on the rack the mondo shirt went.

“I love this color!” was the first thought that came to her mind when she picked up the lime green tank. “My size, and oooh, here we have some Tempo shorts to match.” She scooped up the set and had just wriggled into them when a noise made her stop.

“Holy crap!” she looked at the front door and could see that the three workerbees had returned to the store.

Afraid she’d get caught, she flicked off the lights and relied on that one half of a fast twitch muscle fiber she had in her body and high tailed it towards the back door. The last thing she saw as she slipped out the back was one of those fuel belts with eight fuel holsters and four water bottles attached; the sight of this gave her one last grin as she recalled the runner she had seen just the other dear donning just such an accessory. There were so many things on that guy’s belt it was a wonder his shorts didn’t fall down.

Once out the door she tore off running down the street. As she disappeared off in the distance the three workerbees had made it out behind the store in hopes of catching her, but to no avail. All they could make out of her disappearing silhouette was a quick lime green flash as she passed under one of the streetlamps. The lime green flint got smaller and briefer and finally vanished.

running away

***Disclaimer: The Arty Runnerchick does not condone shoplifting; this was a tale purely for childish entertainment.

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12 thoughts on “Mischief Runner and the Three Running Store Workerbees

  1. You need to get on the skort bandwagon. Your legs are too long and hot to not be shown off. Even get one in lime green! 🙂
    p.s. I just bought Pegasus…es! I am a supinator and I have SUCH a hard time buying shoes that are neutral (they don’t even make shoes for supinators- just neutral ones! Bummer).
    Um… you rock.

    • okay, one of the biggest reasons i’m so MAD i’m a pronator is becuz of the pegasus! lol. if u’re a supinator, wat u need are shoes that have lots of cushioning, the peg falls into that category. so lemme kno how that one shakes out?? if not i’ll offer up other suggestions!!

  2. OMG it looks AMAZING!!!! Awesome job!! There is a way to get rid of “The Arty Runnerchick” on the top so that you don’t have the title of your blog twice. I will try and figure out how I removed mine and let you know if you want to do it!! And make sure you install the Comment Reply Notification widget so that when you reply to people’s comments, they get an email with your response! I didn’t have it for the longest time and I was responding to everyone thinking they would know…ha. <3

    • U ROCK!!!! okay, thanks soooo much for the comment reply widget because i totally was busting my bum trying to reply to everyone, and if they never even know about it, wat’s the point?!?! stupid cait!! haha….okay, once again, thank u so much and of course i’m still mad u live so far away! <3

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