Monday Morning Running Motivation: Please don’t waste

I grew up in a house where my mom HATED to see things go to waste. We were a household who left-over’ed and if we didn’t clean our plates we could usually count on Mommy-O to finish them off. She WAS a runner after all. The thing was, it killed my mother to put food in the trash or down the disposal.

Wasting is, well, a waste.

penguin and spilled ice cream art
This holds true in life. And with the human body, if you’re even an iota interested in physiology, anatomy, and sports science you’ve got to just take a step back and think, “Holy crap, the body is amazing. Like freaking incredible.” All the complexities, the systems working together, playing off of each other, people can quip the ‘miracle of life’…heck, it’s pretty dang remarkable what goes in to just digesting! Something enters the mouth, get broken down, gives you the energy to run, and then gets pooped out the other end. That’s pretty dang cool!

Not taking advantage of just how amazing and remarkable the human body is, it’s a waste. Obesity, a growing lack of exercise, a growing disinterest…bordering on HATE of activity is a waste, it’s sad. Here is this amazing human body machine…just waiting to DO, to perform.

A body can be worked. It can be run. It can be trained. It can be stressed by training and then, if given the chance to recover, it will GROW, become stronger, tougher, faster, and then eager to achieve even more. Keep doing that and watch how far you can go.

Physiology is quite amazing, don’t forget that. Don’t take it for granted either…PUSH yourself to discover your own potential.

A vehicle left abandoned is waste. Take advantage of the miraculously, mind-blowing things your body can DO and get DOing.

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7 thoughts on “Monday Morning Running Motivation: Please don’t waste

  1. I agree with you Cait! This body is an amazing thing! Full of life and all mine to use to run, jump and explore the world 🙂
    I think we all need to find the ways we enjoy using our body and celebrating its wonder – I love to run, my sister is a champion at speed walking with her dog up to 50km a week, and one of my best friends is a Pilates queen. We have all found ways to celebrate and not waste the opportunity to move that we have been given 🙂
    Great motivation Cait – glad I went for my run this morning!

    • Thank you, Amy!! 🙂 “celebrating its wonder” you sum everything up so perfectly and i love how you and your family are celebrating both moving AND nourishing in the tastiest of fashions there! 🙂

  2. Great reminder 🙂 Sometimes at the end of a long run (during my runner’s high…) I’ll think about how awesome it is that I can move on my feet under my own power for hours. It’s pretty cool what the body is capable of.

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