My Adventure in Cryotherapy: The treatment that’s reportedly 4 times better than ice baths (read: FREEZING!!)

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23 thoughts on “My Adventure in Cryotherapy: The treatment that’s reportedly 4 times better than ice baths (read: FREEZING!!)

  1. holy crap!!! um, that looks COLD lol, I definitely would’ve been screaming and jumping around too! I’d actually never heard of cryotherapy before – when you first posted about it on fb I was like “oh no is she ok?!?!” thinking you had some awful disease that needed to be frozen away or something hahaha. I would totally try this out! I’m not a fan of ice baths – I take them when I’m running a lot, but I haven’t done one during an XT/injury phase (should I?). I’ll admit going to the gas station, buying a bag of ice, and dumping it in your bathtub isn’t exactly the most convenient thing in the world haha. I agree, just like ice baths, a one-time treatment isn’t gonna work any miracles – it has to be a habit. I’d never shell out the $$ for this but if I had the opportunity to use it fo free I’d be all over it!

    • no, i’m the same way…i’m just xtraining right now so i don’t think i really ‘deserve’ to go in for the extra stuff…i mean gotta earn it…haha. jk 😉

  2. Okay, this is basically the coolest thing ever! I’m a big believer in ice baths but this is insanely cold, don’t know if I could handle it. In Europe at a lot of spas they have you alternate between warm water, cold water and FREEZING water for a lot of same reasons. I think it’s really interesting.

  3. Brave, brave lady.
    I doff my chickpea cap to you my dear 🙂
    I haven’t heard about cryotherapy before, and I am a little scared to give it a go when an ice bath and I are strangers as it is.
    I do use an ice pack on my heels when my Achilles gets inflamed. I even have a pack in the freezer at work, yep that got a few strange looks the first time someone wandered into my office when I was sitting down with my feet up 🙂

    • haha…do i look like the biggest dork or what?!?!
      hey, as runners we just have to accept the strange looks as they come and roll with it…would u like a little achilles ice in that iced tea?? 😉

  4. I’m not gonna lie, I was totally laughing at you running around in there. That looks awesome! But really painful. Still, I think it would be something that is really cool to try just to say you did, you know? I had never heard of it before! I’m an ice bath girl when the weather is warm. It’s kind of nice to get in one after you feel like you’ve been melting! During the winter though… uh good luck getting me in one of those!

  5. Don’t think I could tolerate that…ever. I can’t even stand the THOUGHT of an ice bath, much less -76 to -166 degree temps!! That’s insane! Thanks for the interesting and informative post, though. 🙂

    • wait…if memory serves correct u my friend are within ‘i’m gonna kidnap u and make u go into these chambers’ radius distance of roseville!! hehe. just kidding!!! 😉

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