Need Motivation? Run Today, Avoid a Butt-Kicking Later

It never pays to be a slacker.

Let’s be honest, running in the middle of a snowstorm, heading out into sub-freezing temperatures, when the wind is blowing in your face THE WHOLE way…it’s not all that appealing. Love running, love running in ALL weather conditions, maybe not?
winter running
But for those poor folks living in States with crueler than cruel winter weather conditions, gain strength and know that being a baller NOW will pay off big time come Spring and Summer. The penance for slacking off is steep…the reward of being the one DOLING OUT that punishment is sweeter than chocolate cake.


Winter is no joke, and don’t look at running on a treadmill as the ‘weenie’s way out’…READ WHY.
More tips for staying warm and safe during winter HERE

1) Finish this sentence: “It might suck training right now but I’ll be rewarded…”
…really any time I finish a run I know it was for the better. I chant that during the runs that suck really hard.
2) What’s winter running weather like for you currently?
I feel SO horrible, and a little bit like a hypocrite because I’ve been running in shorts. Hate me? Move to Cali.
3) What races are you looking forward to?

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12 thoughts on “Need Motivation? Run Today, Avoid a Butt-Kicking Later

  1. We got three inches of snow overnight and it’s still coming down! I think I’ll use the treadmill … running on fresh snow is like running in mashed potatoes!

  2. I need to live in California (or Florida or really Hawaii!!). Oh, well I just avoid the weather issues and run on my treadmill cause I’m a wimp!

  3. Living on the east coast usually means bad running weather! I am looking forward to March-May when it will hopefully be a little warmer, but usually by the end of May it is hot and humid! I have definitely thought about moving to the west coast every winter and summer that I have tried to run through!

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  5. Winter running is definitely tough. When I’m out in the howling wind, or the ice cold rain, or the sleet I just tell myself “well, if it’s like this on race day I’ll be ready.” That’s why I train in all types of weather. I have a saying: Rain or wind, Sleet or snow. Doesn’t matter, I’ll still go.

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