Oh You Twilight Peeps — What Would You Get Up Early For?

So apparently the Twilight mayhem is upon us. I’m not a Team Vamp or Werwolf, and I’ve never seen/read of the movies/books but I don’t live in a cave. A cardboard box when time get really lean but never a cave.

count chocula dog

Does Team Count Chocula count? (Art: Cait Chock)

But, as I’ve lived in Oregon, I do know that apparently these Twilight fans are about as loyal and feisty as Ducks vs. Beaver fans. There will be masses camped out in line, the token people who dress up, and it got me thinking, what would I camp out for, or get up an unholy hour for?

*I’ve gotten up ridiculously early to get in a run before hopping flights before. The one big plus about running at 4am on the roads is you don’t have to wait for any stoplights.

*I’m not one of those people who would peel myself out of the sack just to watch a beautiful sunrise…BUT if perchance that doof who keeps predicting the end of the world seemed to be right, I might rise and shine early to watch Apocalypse go down.

*I’m a sucker for freebie stuff, so if by some miracle beyond miracles there was some place giving out free running shoes, clothing, or Garmins I’d pull out my tent.

*Oh, again with flights and time zone changes, I did make sure and get up early enough to run before boarding a plane because with the time changes if I didn’t run then, then officially I would have missed a run for the day.


Burnt toast leading to a house fire...maybe?

*If my house was actually on fire..I’ve lived in apartments before and I knew it was a test so, I rolled over. But if I KNEW I was about to fry then I’d grab my cat, treadmill, and be out the door. (fun fact: the fire alarm went off once when I was on the elliptical…I finished those last few minutes before evacuating…teehee.)

Ya, I’m REALLY stingy about my sleeping. I will say it’s because I know how important those zzzz’s are for recovery (which, trust me they are and all of you snore skimpers should try to be better about that) but we all know it’s because I’m a closet lazy person.

Two quick things: 1) THANK YOU to those who ‘liked’ me on my Facebook page, I hate to make the plug, but getting some extra ‘likes’ really does make my day because apparently my self-esteem is fragile like that.

2) I keep finding out that people are not able to leave me comments or that they are getting automatically put in my SPAM folder. I’m trying to figure out what the jank is, but if you are having any trouble leaving comments please send me an email and let me know: captaincait@hotmail.com I really love comments and hearing from you, so I’m sorry!
1) Are you a Twilight fan, are you going to be one of ‘those’ people who make sure to see it as soon as it comes out?

2) What would you camp out for our get up crazy early for?

3) Any funny running/workout related stories you have that tie into this?
Hmmmm, the only other thing is during a 4am run I got a ‘toot-toot’ from a semi-trucker who was literally the only other soul on the road.

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12 thoughts on “Oh You Twilight Peeps — What Would You Get Up Early For?

  1. 1. No.

    2. over the years Ive learned to rise early. I never have trouble geting out of bed for a group ride with my training friends.

    3. Yes and they all involve public lap pools. The hardest part of triathlon training for me is geting quality swim workouts in at the pools around my house. Pool eitiquette is basically lost on everyone. I get mad, it gets weird.

  2. hahaha. ok so the summer after my senior year of HS, I was training for my first fall college xc season. one day, my family was going on a vacation, and our flight out of Philly was at 8am, so we had to be awake at about 4….and the night before, I’d gone to see my favorite band in concert. I didn’t get home until 1am, so instead of sleeping for two hours to get up at 3 to fit a run in, I just came home from the concert, downed some coffee, and went for a lil 8 miler…then came home, stretched, did corework, all in time to eat, shower, and look pretty before heading to the airport.

    Twilight fans are still crazier than us runners though. 😛

    • hahahaha…way to go and power thru that all-nighter with a run! 🙂 i give u credit tho, there is no way i’d have made ANY attempt to look pretty on the way to the airport, heck i mighta even opted for a 20 min nap in lieu of shower/dressing. hehe 😛

  3. I read two of the Twilight books and they were…meh. I’m not sold, that’s for sure. Maybe if it’s on TV in a year I’ll watch it? I’d get up early for runs, flights and family holidays – Christmas in our house sometimes starts at 4:30 when the youngest sibling is awake!

  4. I am not a big Twilight fan, and you definitely wouldn’t catch me camping outside a cinema all night for it! I’d much rather sleep 😛

    I get up crazy early for running, and that’s about it! Like today’s race I had to be up at 5-something, which for me is EARLY! Didn’t relish that one haha! I admire you endlessly for the 4am pre-flight run though! That is pure dedication 🙂

  5. I was so into Twilight when it first came out and I was completely Team whichever guy takes off his shirt first.
    Then, it fizzled out for me.
    I will still go and see the last films because my Mum really loves them and it will be a chance for us to do something together (which I love!).
    I get up crazy early nearly everyday (like 5:30 am) so to get up even earlier than that usually means that I have 1. a burning desire to go to the beach before it is inundated by families and teenagers, 2. a burning desire to spend as much time as humanly possible in the kitchen on a weekend thus completely destroying any need for sleep or 3. I have had way too much green tea the night before.
    My funny workout story: I went out for a run while on holidays in Rome last year, got lost because I left my map and sense of direction at the hotel, and so I had to ask the policemen to help me (they didn’t speak English, my Italian is beyond terrible and they kept asking me if I spoke Turkish — ah, no?!) and get a cab ride home at 7am on a Sunday morning. Now, I book hotels with treadmills 🙂 and spend my money on shoes, not cabs 🙂

    • awww, u poor thing all lost in Rome, can i just say that would TOTALLY be a cait story!! this girl has the worst sense of direction ever!!! okay, i still love u even after ur long-time ago twilight love past. 😉

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