On the Ever of the NYC Marathon, it’s Worth Remembering That…

I’ve gotten sucked into NYC Marathon hype…not unduly of course because I think there are plenty of things to be excited about. Is it strange that I’ll post all of this and I’m not even running the race? Oh well if it is, I’m a runner geekette so I can be a fan and post if I want to. I do think it would be really awesome to run it one day.

I thought it worth doing a couple previous NYC highlights over the years, and a part of the idea came to me cause Cecily over at ReRun Running did something similar for another race she IS running in. 🙂
nina kuscsik
The first woman to run in the NYC Marathon was Nina Kuscsik in 1972; she actually took part in a sit-in with all the other female entrants on behalf of gender equality. They waited ten minutes after the gun and then took off; Nina won NY two times, snuck herself into the 1969 Boston Marathon before being officially recognized as the Boston winner in 1972. Further, she was a propelling force in getting the Marathon instituted as an Olympic event for women.
grete waitz
What has made a lot of press recently is that one of the legends of the NYC Marathon, Grete Waitz, died earlier this year and thus the organizers have dedicated this 2011 running to her. Between 1978 and 1988 Grete won nine times, set the world record for the event a total of three times (even in her first attempt) and what I found astonishing was that she really entered the first time kind of on a whim. She had been a track star, setting twice the world record for the 3000 meters, and I read in one of her tributes something like, until the marathon her longest training run was about 10 miles! She is certainly one of the greatest female distance runners, but she also did a lot of wonderful charity work and co-founded a cancer federation. She is certainly missed.
alberto salazar and cait chock
Another one of my great running idols, Alberto Salazar, won three times from 1980-1982 set the world record for the event in 1981. He was the last American to win until Meb Keflezighi finally changed that in 2009.

Paula Radcliffe, the current women’s world record holder, has won three times. Kara Goucher made her debut at the distance in 2008, Shalane Flanagan also made her first attempt at the 26.2’er in 2010, coming in second and making her the top finishing American female for the span of 20 years.

This year it’s going to be Lauren Fleshman’s turn to tackle the marathon for the first time. On the men’s side there is plenty of talk of a new world record in the works…only time will tell.

So I don’t feel like I’m the only one who should be excited for this year’s event even though I’m not running. Like I’ve said many times before, running IS the best sport around…GOOD LUCK to those racing! 🙂

1) Are YOU excited for the marathon? Do you have any tidbits you’d like to add?

2) What else are you excited about this weekend?

3) Who are some of your running or athletic heros?

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5 thoughts on “On the Ever of the NYC Marathon, it’s Worth Remembering That…

  1. HOLY heauilrfghruleiaugera is that you with Alberto Salazar?! When did you meet him?! I am about to pass out.

    I am very excited for the marathon! I love watching it 🙂 NYC marathon is pretty much top of my Marathon Bucket List! Ok, London actually is top, cos that’s my home and that marathon rocks, and also Boston…but NYC is right up there! 😀

    Running heros? Numero uno is Paula Radcliffe. For sure. And MO FARAH! Britons represent!! Ok, I also look up to Kara and Shalane and also this crazy awesome runner called Cait Chock 😉

    • yes, the two of us one day will have to hit up NYC…but i only wanna do it if i can run respectably. 🙂 u are too cute and trust me i shouldn’t be ranking on ur running hero list!! hehe.

      as for Alberto, in a past life i was actually a runner with the Nike Oregon Project that he coaches. he’s an amazing coach and person, as well Kara Goucher.

      • I genuinely have passed out. I swear my heart actually stopped for a second! I mean, I knew you were freakin awesome and all, but man alive!!! Can you please do a post on it? Or write a book about it and sent it to me (plus your autograph 😉 ). Kara Goucher seems like the nicest person on earth, not that I’ve stalked every single one of her interviews and races on Youtube…aaah I’m such a weirdo!!

        P.S. I am so up for NYC. I WILL run a sub 3 someday, but I don’t think I can keep up with you for more than 5 minutes, and you’ll probably end up breaking 2 hours hehe!
        P.P.S. What do you mean a runner in a past life?! Pfff my sprint is probably your recovery pace cos you are amaaaaazing!
        P.P.P.S. I need to stop adding things. And I need to lie down.
        P.P.P.P.S. Last thing…you have the cutest grin ever!! 😀

  2. I love that photo of you and Mr. Salazar!
    While the marathon didn’t make headlines way down here in Australia I was very excited for it. Then completely forgot to look in the TV Guide and only managed to catch the end of it on the news!
    Duh Amy.
    I would love to say that I would run it one day, but a marathon might not be in this chickpea’s future for a while 🙂
    Would you and Emma wait for me at the finish line?

    • u better believe that YOU are coming into the NYC Marathon venture when it happens!!! and for u to make it all this way we’ll have to make it a whole big trip and tour the area for weeks on end…it will be a blast! 🙂 ummm, just so u kno, u’ll have to make sure and pack ur baking supplies tho. 😉

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