One Hungry Boston Terrier and Caving to Peer Pressure

Whoa baby…I’ve gotten a little headachy thanks to working with that blasted Sharpie. No, I wasn’t trying to be the ‘cool’ kid in 4th grade who thinks that the awesome thing to do in arts and crafts is to attempt to get a contact high from the markers. Just been inking out some sketches and I always hate that smell of the pens, but all in the name of art, right?!? Hehe…just kidding.

Anyways, back on track here. (PS-The picture with the dog is from the calendar I made my family; last name Chock, one of their pups in named Coco…Count Chocula cereal rocks…you do the math.) Today went well, got up and did another progressive tempo run and it’s always nice to see some progress. Getting relatively faster, and I do stress the word relatively. 😉 Finished up with another tossing around of my baby weights, working on buffing out my arms…I’ll be a real meathead in no time!

Then spent some time working on some sketching and also finished what will be the third installment to the Supa’ Runna’s! (how does that name sound, I’m still not sold but again, the group name is still getting worked on.) Anyways, if it passes inspection by the applicant I’ll show you all tomorrow. So do check on back here.

That said, it’s happened…I broke down and watched The Bachelorette last night On Demand. There was SO much talk about it on FB, blogs, and the like that I cracked and figured I’d at least watch the first round. That way I can feel included when everyone else makes their predictions, makes fun of the guys who deserve it, and hate on the inevitable scumbags. This will be the first season I’ve watched any of the shows, including The Bachelor, so I didn’t know the whole backstory of Ashley going in. But they catch you up quite nicely so I feel pretty much up to speed.

So what are your guys’ thoughts? Did anyone else watch? Am I the only one who couldn’t help but laugh when some of the guys express just how romantic they are? I also want to know if you would ever go on a show like that? As either one of the 25 trying to win the final rose, or as the person doling out the roses? There’s the money perk, but even for that and a fifteen minute slot of fame, I don’t think I could handle the 24 hour surveillance. It would out all my crazy quirks, I’d no doubt end up looking like a fool, and I’m prrreeetty sure I wouldn’t find my soul mate. What say you?

1) Did you used to sniff those Mr. Scenty markers back in the day?

I have a really bad sense of smell actually and it takes a lot for me to catch a whiff of something (good or bad). But I never liked those things, they always gave me a headache after awhile.

2) Are you wrought with anticipation over the next running superhero?

Of but of course, and I know you all are too, don’t lie.

3) Are you jumping aboard this Bachelorette gossip blitz train, either by will or peer pressure? Have you watched the previous seasons?

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4 thoughts on “One Hungry Boston Terrier and Caving to Peer Pressure

  1. Guilty of marker sniffing. My fave was the green one because it smelled like mint! And I was the kid that would try to write on other kids faces with the nasty black licorice one so they had to smell it the rest of the day.
    I was weird… and cruel.. and had my fair share of recess privileges revoked. Whoops!
    Totally never watch the bachelor or bachelorette.. its like being the third wheel on a date to me.. I feel super creepy watching it. haha

  2. i think we all have the urge to be a little cruel every now and again…and there are usually a few token people who deserve a little marker on their face. 😉
    haha….ya, it is a little like a creeper peeping in on dates, but they do willingly ask for it. it makes me wonder just why they've become so desperate. :/

  3. I watched Bachelorette. I watched the last season with her in it (Bachelor) on Hulu when I ran out of new shows to watch. It's a guilty pleasure type thing. It's so unrealistic and silly but fun to see!

  4. thanks for stopping by! 🙂 i'm with you, a nice guilty pleasure in which we can get a little entertainment at others making dorks of themselves. hehe.

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