Our Second Superhero and It’s Friday, Baby!

Yay it’s Friday! AND the sun is shining. I must say it’s nice to wake up and see some rays of light poking out through those blinds. I’m also really stoked that with the warmer weather I can really stick it to PG and stop paying them out the wazoo on my utilities bill! Huurah!

It’s my fault, there are some things that I just refuse to suffer through and one of those is being cold, so even though I of course don the long sleeves and pants in the house I refuse to be uncomfortably chilly. I think part of this goes back to when I was growing up and my dad was a bit of a temperature control freak. He barely let us use the AC during the summers and then was skimpy on the heater in the winters. I’ve already established how much I dislike being too hot or too cold so now that I’m ‘all growed up’ it’s one of my sticking points.

Mooooving on. Okay, so isn’t is beautiful how you can feel pretty good one day and then like total @$$-monkeys the next? I’m referring to my run today, in case you’re scratching your head. Had a nice tempo yesterday but I was paying for it today. Gotta love that.

Speaking of, we’ve gotten our second addition to the Running Super Group. Hmm, I have yet to come up with a really good name for this new breed of Superheros…so the name is going to be a bit up in the air for now. But here’s the story with the new guy: (Note: I’m going to keep it clean for our fair viewers…hehe…my dad doesn’t like me to cuss, I’m trying to be better)

It was the final 200 of the final lap on the final repeat, he could feel his hamstring complaining at him but told it to once again shut up. He’d finally gotten to a point where he was able to run pretty fast without it actually screaming in pain. He’d had a good workout thus far and he’d be da**ed if he wasn’t going to finish off with his fastest one. He look at his training partner running just off his shoulder, purring along, they both nodded in agreement, picked up the pace and started to really hammer.

Rounding the turn they were on. They kept pushing until they both saw the obstruction up ahead in the middle of lane one down the homestretch. It was two ladies getting in their brisk walk, chatting no doubt about how nice the weather had been getting, ignorant of the two harriers panting their way through a self-inflicted torture session. Our running friend looked at his partner in mutually understood annoyance as they both swung out far into lane four to finish, stopping their watches. At least it was their fastest interval. He slapped his training partner on the back and went to change out of his spikes. The two ladies had made it just to the start/finish line themselves and quipped, “Wow, you guys looked like you were going fast.”

Later that night, having showered off and devoured most of a pizza, okay and truth be told a few beers too, our running friend plopped to the other place that was probably just as much of a staple in his life as his running: in front of the computer. He had a few status updates to attend to and oh, did we mention a few message boards to frequent as well? It wasn’t too long until his mouth dropped open in gaping horror…a few cookie crumbs (he’d earned a few after all) sprayed onto the screen. “No, this is just too heinously ridiculous to be true!” he thought, though on the heels of that he couldn’t stop a fit of laughter from taking over. After composing himself he decided that there may be a way for him to prevent such a ridiculous event to occur. It was a known fact that doping in the track scene had gotten to a despicable level, and he’d be da**ed if yet another noted athlete would fall victim to just such an abominable act.

And thus, The Cranky Hamstring was born. In a freak twist of chance it was in that moment of utter outrage and hilarity that the time continuum was ripped. A chasm opened up from that computer, through the message boards he flew, and was spit out on the other side. He recognized the trophies on the wall, the medals, the lush pad. “Well, I know for da**ed sure this couldn’t be the house of a distance runner. It must be a sprinter’s salary,” he thought. And then it dawned on him. He knew where he was and he knew what had to be done. And so he burst into the room…

Below is the following comic, our second edition on the heels of The Kankled Avenger. I’d like to take a minute to back up because maybe not everyone knows what this whole thing was referring to…so if you don’t follow track and fields related news, last year there was a noted sprinter who tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. He claimed he tested positive not because he was knowing trying to ‘roid up but because of something that was in the male enhancement products he was taking. Anyways, I’m not trying to point the finger of blame, or say one way or the other what the truth may or may not be (wow, I sound like a political candidate here), I’m just poking fun at the whole situation in general.

Okay, I’m sorry if I’ve geeked out too much here for those who aren’t running nerds, but I was in a drawing mood yesterday and wanted to add this to the Superhero chain. At any rate, I hope your Friday is plugging along and you’ve got some fun stuff planned for the weekend! 🙂

1) What is something you refuse to be cheap about and will shell out for?

2) What’s the worst thing you’ve ever cheated on?

I’m so lame, I never cheated off of anyone else because I know I’d just be too guilty to not confess. But I let a girl cheat off of my homework in 5th grade, we got caught and I kid you not I felt guilty for way too long.

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3 thoughts on “Our Second Superhero and It’s Friday, Baby!

  1. Ha, I admit I was a little confused for a while there! I refuse to be cheap about most stuff. I'd rather save and get what I want than buy cheap and regret it later.

  2. ya…sorry about any confusion on that one! 😛 you're right about the cheap thing, usually you end up paying one way or the other. save now and pay later.

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