People Who Need to Shut-up And Our Next Running Superhero!

Can’t sleep at 3am, what’s a girl to do? Blog of course! Oh, me and sleep have such a fickle relationship. At any rate, I was able to wrangle up our newest addition to the Supa’ Runnas and have our fourth comic to present.

I’ll give you a little backstory about TexasGirl and why we’ve chosen Flagpole Willy to be her first order of business. In life, there are always those people who just seem to know everything about anything. (I’ve got one in my own family, no joke last Christmas this person held a conversation with my cousin and told her that HE knew the right best brand of tampons.) The person who always has to have the last say and the person who just won’t shut up sometimes.

In today’s times lots of people are able to share knowledge, interesting tidbits, and personal opinions in countless ways. I’m doing so myself on a blog. There’s both good and bad about this. There is an opportunity to learn SO much and connect with so many people via social networking sites, blogs, websites, message boards, etc. The bad is that anyone can write anything. They can call themselves experts if they wish and they can say anything behind the ‘safety net’ of a computer screen.

It’s then up to us as readers to sift fact from fiction, experts from frauds, and mindless drivel from entertaining stuff. I’m hoping my own ramblings fall somewhere on the side of entertaining but I’m sure that’s not always the case. The thing with the internet is that it can grant you the liberty of anonymity. Sometimes there are things that just should not be said or at least not in the way they are stated. Not with the purpose being solely to hurt another person.

I’m all for laying it all out there, I’m not afraid to tell people the truth, and I’m also in full backing of everyone having their own opinions! But sometimes human nature is to tear down a person to make themselves feel better. Cut to Lindsay Lohan pre-crack days in Mean Girls. We can’t stop people from saying whatever they’re going to say, but we CAN choose to actually listen to them.

Much easier said than done, I know. I like the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” If you have a dream, keep chasing it. If you make a mistake, okay that sucks, learn from it and get better…own it but don’t let it destroy you.

I love asking people for their thoughts, opinions, and feedback. The only way to get better at something is to learn from those who know more or have the experience. But you’ve got to also consider the source. I really care what certain people may think, but I’m learning to not give a second thought to what Joe on the street has to say. Not saying I’m totally there yet but I’m a lot more secure than I used to be.

Back on track here…TexasGirl is tackling a person who feels they indeed know it all. Don’t have to go into too many specifics, BUT if we’ve got a villain I’ve got to give you good reason to hate on him, don’t I?! hehe. He feels women are inferior in all ways and their only duties are to pump out babies and serve their hubbies. He has a list about what makes a ‘Real Man’ and they date back to the 50’s. He’s every kind of phobic and has a really big gut. (I really don’t know about that last part but I wanted to add it in.)

Willy hides behind a particular message board and spits his vile ramblings like gerbils shott poop pellets. But he’s finally ticked off the wrong runner and she’s taking action!

Sorry for this being such an epic post, it may sound sort of random but I wanted to make sure that for anyone who has no clue who this Willy dude is and the message board reference, they could still take away something from my post. We all have people who we’d like to just shut up, so we can all collectively take a little glee from watching TexasGirl’s victory.

1) In movies do you like to root for the good guy or the bad guy?

2) Have you ever sported a pair of bunhuggers? Do you have no clue what a bun hugger is? hehe.

(Blogger is really bugging me, to get a better view and actually read the words click on the pic!)

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3 thoughts on “People Who Need to Shut-up And Our Next Running Superhero!

  1. It makes me sad when people say mean and terrible hurtful things behind a name online…like really? do you have nothing better to do?

    I like the quote though…that is something I often talk about with my clients because they often claim someone is hurting them, making them angry or sad, etc. We talk about what it might be like to "own" their own experience rather than giving it away or allowing it to be controlled by someone else. I wish I could say I was perfect at this…but it is still a learning process for me as well!

    I always pull for the good guy or the underdog 🙂

  2. thanks for stopping by julia! so true, i think it's tough to completely block out what others say but at least do our best to not let it deter us from sticking to our own path. 🙂

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