Piecing Together the ‘Perfect’ Runner

If we could construct the ‘perfect’ runner from all of different events in the London Olympics, I think we’d have to start with the flexibility of a gymnast. While you probably won’t need to bust out the splits on the track having that kind of range of motion would be an asset. Plus you’d certainly be less prone to injury.


Flexibility certainly helps double time for those steeplechasers! 🙂

Thanks to those skimpy Speedos I’ve seen the core on those swimmers and divers. Nowhere to hide in those uniforms. Having a rock solid core is key for a runner; it’s a huge oversight to think that all runners need to strengthen are their legs.

The quick responses of a ping-ponger (is that a word?). Hear me out, in the midst of a race a runner needs to be able to respond to any moves their competitors may make. Sometimes even an instant of hesitation can make or break the outcome of the race.

Remembering the drafting techniques of the cyclists certainly would help. Even in a slight breeze doing the work of pace-setting takes a physical and mental toll…far easier to just sit, zone out and get pulled along.

Explosive power like the jumps you see in volleyball and basketball. Having the ability to fire off those fast twitch muscle fibers translates into raw speed. Come the end of a race, a runner who’s got that is able to dig for that extra gear and kick for home.


Boxers tend to have a wicked game face too.

How about the game face of those lacrosse athletes. If I had someone running after me with a stick I certainly wouldn’t be able to hold it together like them. That takes confidence and a runner needs confidence in themselves, their training and their abilities when they step to the line.

But then, wait a minute. I believe they already have started piecing together the ‘perfect’ distance runner…I believe they call them Kenyans. 😉

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1) What trait would you add to the ‘perfect’ runner from one of the other Olympic sports?

2) Which of these traits do you have and has thus improved your running? Did you do another sport before running and thanks to that been able to get a, ahem, leg up?

3) Which trait are you lacking, or consider a weakness? Are you doing anything to improve on it?

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12 thoughts on “Piecing Together the ‘Perfect’ Runner

  1. So jealous of those gymnasts too! If only I could do that. Maybe it’s time to head back to yoga.

    I feel like my game face makes me go harder and faster. Last time I raced, I begged my boyfriend to come and watch, and then didn’t see him because I was too focused on the finish line and sprinting out the last 100m.

    I imagine you’d have a pretty great game face actually!

  2. I agree. I LOVE watching the gymnasts. their bodies are kinda the opposite of runners though, all upper body 🙂 we’re all legs but both have to have a good core. I’m still slowly but surely working on mine

  3. I love how you have broken this down! I didn’t realize how much a runner uses their core. I wouldn’t really consider myself and all out pro-runner, but I love it just the same and when I hurt my tummy muscle a while back I was shocked at how running would just keep it inflamed!
    Thank you Cait!!

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