Please Don’t Lick the Merchandise

Don’t worry, if your local donut shop has an ‘You lick it, you buy it’ policy, CLEARLY they aren’t familiar with runners. We’ll lick it, we’ll lick ALL of them if you force our hand…errr, foot??
runner licking donut
It’s kinda cold outside, what with winter and all that, but get your run on, blast the heater, and crack open those pints…errr, half-gallons?? 😉
runner licking ice cream
Yes we’re runners, yes we’ve earned it, so if we want to lick at will…well, we will!! 🙂

Certainly we love to dream and drool about all the glorious tasty delights we’ll be entitled too after those runs, BUT we also make sure to fuel ourselves up right. Eat to perform, right!??! Tips on all that HERE

Motivation to get your run on HERE…then you can hit the donut shop.

More laughs? Cartoons and comics HERE

1) Are you a sweet or salty kinda person?
I dream in cakes and sugar.
2) Last food you ‘day dream/ran dreamed’, and looked forward to post-run?
3) Go-to healthy post-run snack?
Cottage cheese and a muffin.

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6 thoughts on “Please Don’t Lick the Merchandise

  1. I’m more of a salty than a sweet person. But one of my favorite indulgences is kettle corn, which is sweet and salty! A lot of times I start day dreaming about my breakfast during my long run. On Monday morning I got a long run in because I had the day off of work, and I started day dreaming about tomato soup and grilled cheese. How random is that!?

  2. You knew I would like this post, didn’t you? lol. I don’t know why all of your posts just showed up in my feed now…I am a total sweet tooth but if I crave salt, I totally go after it. Usually after long runs I crave sweet in the form of lots of oatmeal, yogurt, fruit and peanut butter but then hours later I seek out savory foods.

  3. I’m salty all the way – a bag of potato chips is my all time favorite thing!!!
    However, if I’m going to eat first thing in the morning (very rare) then I want sweet – like doughnuts!!

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