Press Play: Run to Start

Just press play and start running. No cords, no outlets or chargers necessary. Simple instructions for operating the best pieces of entertainment at your disposal.
press play and run
Yes, running is entertainment. It will take you to places far more extraordinary than something you can view on a screen. It will teach you lessons you can’t learn in a classroom. It will show you things about yourself that you can’t buy from a talk-doc or from taking in a Facebook poll or similar App.

press play run

And of course for the runnerdudes. 😉

Running is a test. You give it to yourself, you end up scoring yourself too. The clock and the distances are helpful in grading, but in the end only you are able to accurately interpret the black and white numbers. While running resides in a realm riddled with black and whites…you can’t argue with times and numbers…there is more reading between the lines to be done than in the greatest of libraries.

Grading is tricky business, sure, but it’s fun too. Even when you fail you end up learning. The odd thing though is even when you FINALLY get an A for the day…tomorrow, the whole thing starts over and you must press play again. Repeat.

A constant loop. It never ends.

Press play.


There is no STOP button.

1) What’s the first moment that comes to mind when you think of your running as being entertaining or you felt like you were ‘playing’?

2) What’s the most recent grade you’d give yourself for your run? It starts over constantly, so if you didn’t score as high as you liked, why and what are you going to do to nudge the grade up higher the next time?

3) When’s the last time you totally ‘Aced’ your running for the day, a race, a workout?

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5 thoughts on “Press Play: Run to Start

  1. I love every run that feels great and when I feel great after! 🙂 I really do feel like I have accomplished this huge thing every time I finish a run.

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