Quick Crawl Out of the Cave, Running Memories, and Juk

Hey there friends!! I appreciate that you guys haven’t abandoned me while I’m totally lame-o and not being able to comment as much as I want/need to, they say those who don’t leave you during your snotty/poopy pants moments are the keepers!! 🙂

And do know that this whole situation is just plain not gonna fly for this sista so I’m working on it. Back on track here, let’s see, so I really appreciate that feedback I got on the whole training log and the motivational quotes. I do think that for those who use their blog as their training log that is a nice little double-whammy punch, and I think that whatever keeps you accountable is awesome!

In doing this whole thing, (side note, this project has been taking up most of my time for the past days, but I can’t really complain about spending my time surrounded by all things running can I?!?!) I realized that one of the most fun things to do is to go back and reread my old logs. I don’t keep a diary (I have tried many times, but after about a day or two the days become sporadic and drop off into Never Never Land) but a training log I’ve been consistent with for years.

Even when I was a gimpy bum and all I could do was the arm-bike Krankcycle, I still wrote it down. Partly out of habit, but also because I still think that documenting stuff is useful, I did have a ton of rehab shiznit. But every now and again I stumble upon my old log books and I get sucked into reading the days. I laugh, because some workouts or races I remember so vividly, that even though there are no pictures I can see it in my mind.

running picture

Oldie....Photo Credit Bill Leung

I don’t keep photo albums and I don’t scrapbook. Mostly because I really suck at remembering to take my camera wherever I go! But I can write about running/working out all day. The entries aren’t really much more than a line or two, unless it was an AWESOME run/workout for whatever reason, but those two lines are usually enough to document the day, stamp that memory.

I have some really funny moments, a few that still give me that little rush and happy dance feeling, some really sucky ones, and a few that make me cringe still to this day. (TMI warning…ya, altitude also does a number on my gurgly guts, I have a track workout that seriously the recovery was dashes to the bushes on the side.)

So when I find those old suckers it’s my little walk down memory lane.

runner's log cover

Possible Cover Mock-up

Jolting back to the here and now, I’m working on a cover for this sucker, and what the heck I’ll ask for some feedback. This one is for obviously Granite Bay High School, but I’m doing others for different teams/groups, and so that portion will be different.

Actually, because I’ve spent so much time on these, and there really are a lot of articles, tips, quotes, trivia, art, etc. that anyone who is getting into running or starting out might enjoy and benefit from, I’m thinking of offering them up here. If you, or anyone you know, (running teams, groups, and the like), might be interested in purchasing one, drop me a line or leave a comment and we can chit chat. 🙂

joby's juk

Other than that, gosh I’m boring today, so I’ll end with a little cartoon. This one, the story is that my Dad makes this soup called Juk. Does anyone know what that is? I think it’s some kind of either Chinese or Hawaiian soup dish, but he seriously loves this stuff to no end. I don’t like it, but that’s me. But the thing is that to make it u need a turkey carcass, it’s gross but he always asks people for theirs after Thanksgiving. So that’s the story behind this one…oh, and my dad’s name is…duh, Joby. 😉

1) What are some foods that a person in your family is ‘known’ for?

2) How do you ‘walk down memory lane’ if you do it? Photo albums, home movies, diaries, etc…heck, even I see people on Facebook doing it with albums on there!

3) How do you know a friend is a keeper?

It’s totally true, it’s the people who are there with the sh** starts to fly!

4) Would love some constructive crit over the cover…tear it to shreds peeps! 😉

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3 thoughts on “Quick Crawl Out of the Cave, Running Memories, and Juk

  1. I like that first cover! You are so talented….one day I will show you my art portfolio. Be prepared to be wowed with finger paintings an stick people. I’m good.

    My stepdad makes this amazing special birthday cake, a traditional German one from his family. It has 20+ layers, each one thin like a crepe, with a special raspberry frosting layer in between…it’s seriously amazing. It takes maybe 3-4 hours to make though!

    I’ve only just started tracking workouts, and my blog is like my diary in a way. That’s one of my favorite things about it–I can read through it and it’s like a scrapbook!

  2. Hey your art beats a photo anytime! How do you know your friend is a keeper? Seriously I don’t know. I have made so many ‘friend’ mistakes, thinking they’re keepers though they weren’t.
    My mum makes reeeaaally good chinese dumplings! Their really yummy! My dad and bro can’t cook at all.

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