Quick Tips to Improve Your Running in 10 Minutes or Less

I cringe slightly because that headline sounds borderline Runner’s World, but I’m NOT going to say that by eating such-and-such you’ll drop your running PR’s by 2 minutes. Rather that with running there are SO many little, ‘extra’ things that supplement your running workouts that will improve your performances. Get more flexible, have better range of motion, improve your stride, fix your form and there’s a direct correlation to running efficiency. These things also reduce your risk for injury.

That said we live in some manic paced times and it’s easy to use the excuse you just don’t have time. Well, I’ve made a fun little chart to help dispute that. C’mon, are you really going to argue you don’t have an extra 40 seconds to spare from your day?
improve running in 10mins
The last one, visualization touches on the MENTAL side of training. Don’t ever poo-poo how much of a difference the sports psyche makes. You can read the full visualization post HERE.

So, will you give me at LEAST the 40 seconds?? 😉

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1) Will you be brave enough to promise to do one of these things on a regular basis? Or do you do some already?

2) What are quick ways you sneak in a running ‘extra’ through the course of your day.
Stretch while I’m waiting for the micro do cook my food. 😉

3) What’s a bit of running mental training advice you have to share?

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20 thoughts on “Quick Tips to Improve Your Running in 10 Minutes or Less

  1. In training I usually do a few minutes of walking before and after my run but before races I always try to do some exercises to open up/stretch out my hips. I try to stretch while watching TV…at least for commercials. Awesome about your shirts – they are pretty cool 🙂

  2. So true that even though we KNOW these extra little things are good for us, we just skip over them because we’re too “busy”! I always say I don’t have time for core work/strength training, but I could probably find 3 minutes in my day somewhere….;)

    • haha…i’m the QUEEN of avoiding stretching, but i’ve been forcing myself to do legswings every day and i will proudly say i’m sticking to it! and u better give me those 3 mins girl! 😉

  3. I really bad at doing stuff like this. Lately I’ve been much better about doing things like yoga. The nice thing about a yoga class is you do all sorts of core work, hip stretches, strength training in the context of a class. I’m just bad at being self motivated so I need somebody to tell me what to do 😉

  4. I love this title!! 🙂 Cause I was like, “what!” I don’t think I knew just how important flexibility was when I first started running. Hence injuries and my flame just petered out. Now it’s completely different. I love stretching and opening up my core and hips. (that sentence anywhere else would make me laugh)…:) I love love love the Get Better Form! This is something that I have been working on and I am realizing that this is so important when running. I am totally going to video myself!! Ha ha!
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. I love the better form one too! I am commiting to that one for sure.

    I do a different stretch in between each set of my core stuff to make up for the fact that I do a very “token” effort of stretching most of the time post run. I need my equipment manager to be versed in PNF too 😉

  6. Great tips! I think the mental is so, so important. It definitely deserves a lot of time. So much great stuff here – I feel like you should starta range of posters.

  7. Work drills into time spent walking the dog — lunges, butt kicks, high knees, etc. The dog seems puzzzled at first but soon accepts the craziness.

  8. I’ll definitely try these — especially the legs swings. The reverse plank is hard for me as my shoulders are also so tight (tennis)!

    Will definitely be visualizing this week prepping for NYC marathon! Definitely need it.

  9. Something i’ve learned about myself recently, I cannot, for the life of me, visualize things. I’ve tried, believe me, I’ve tried. I just can’t do it. I can’t SEE anything. It’s weird, DH thinks i’m crazy… but it’s true. When I close my eyes to visualize something I see black. That’s it. My brain doesn’t see anything.. lol..fun fact.

    I am aware of my form though – I don’t work on it for a mile at a time, but I re-evaluate my form from time to time, and make sure my arms are loose, and my hips are forward, and that I’m looking up. I used to be HORRIBLE at looking down while I run – what a huge difference it makes to look forward.

    • yes, looking up ahead and not down at the toes is a great trick and super helpful when climbing hills…set ur eyes dead ahead to where u’re going and power up! 🙂

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