Run, Be YOU, Be Crazy

Runners are crazy. I’m crazy. But you know what…

alice in wonderland crazy


BIG NEWS is coming tomorrow!! You excited, yet? You should be. In fact be CrAzY excited! 😉 It has to do with THIS!!

I HATE to have to do this but I need to add another disclaimer. I’ve gotten lots of questions from people asking to save or download my artwork and cartoons. I ask that you PLEASE do not, I sell prints of all my artwork. Art and writing is how I put food on my table. Be kind, respect the amount of time, creativity, and work that goes into the work that I share with you. Contact me: to order a print or purchase rights to download and share. Thank you.

1) What’s some exciting news you have to share?
2) What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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4 thoughts on “Run, Be YOU, Be Crazy

    • aww, thank you, you’re so sweet!! it comes with the territory, but still people can be buggers sometimes. 😛 i feel enraged about jerks that go messing around with YOU with those deposits and such. >:< (that's a mad face, with creased

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