Run, Little Graham Crackers, Run!!

If graham crackers had legs, I’m pretty sure they’d put them to good use. 🙂
graham crackers running
I did this one as a design for a running club; their ‘torturous’ mentor/leader is the graham in the front with the bite out of his head. 🙂 While it may look like the crew of bitty grahams are in varying degrees of torture, that is NOT the truth…they are learning that running takes some sweat, and maybe a tear or two at times? 😉

Naww, no tears, but certainly a looguie or two, am I right?!

When you have runners as friends there are things that you soon learn to not even bat an eye at, loogies are one of them. What’s more, training partners soon become a unique kind of friend; even if you might not exactly been a ‘perfect’ match in the ‘real world’ you find ways to find a common ground between the hours of miles and the shared gruel-fest during repeats.

Then again some of my very closest friends are runners…wow, big surprise. You see, they just ‘get’ us.

So, to those newbie little graham crackers, hang in there. Trust me, it may seem like you’re putting yourself through voluntary torture (and maybe you are) but through that sweat you will learn so much about yourself. And soon you’ll be embracing that lactic burning and *gasp* sort of start to like it in a perverse little way. 🙂

1) When did running flip from ‘I hate this, why am I doing this?’ to ‘I feel like a monster if I don’t get my run in?’

2) Who would win in a race, graham crackers or teddy grahams? 😉

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8 thoughts on “Run, Little Graham Crackers, Run!!

  1. Teddy grahams are rounder…little stubby legs…so my bets are on the graham crackers!
    I remember feeling pretty sick (maybe 18 months ago) but tired of sitting around, and decided to go for what was becoming a regular run. It was like – wait, I like this! I want to do this! Lightbulb moment right there.

  2. SNOT ROCKETS FTW! hahaha, the graham crackers are adorable! But I have to say teddy grahams would win because they have legs. Altho you did give your grahams some leggies, so maybe they’d make like Oscar Pistorius and kick everyones azz…

    Umm I can’t remember a time when I hated running…the first time I went for a run, I was already in pretty good shape (since age 3 I’d been a figure skater and a pretty serious ballerina) so I didn’t have any trouble making it a good 8 miles at an 8 min pace the first time out….after that first day I would turn into a monster if I didn’t get to run haha.

  3. Thanks for coming by my blog! I would say teddy grahams would win BECAUSE they have legs. Plus they are slightly more delicious than graham crackers. That’s got to count for something.

    I’ve had more than one person tell me that getting rid of excess *whatever* that accumulates in the nose and mouth region during runs is a talent. They told me they wished they could spit and do farmer blows like me. Wow. It made me feel really special.

    I’m glad I can’t remember the switch. It’s like it’s always been there!

    • and thank you for stopping by! so, i guess we can crown u queen of the farmer blow!! that IS a compliment, because trust me i’ve failed a few times and wind up wearing my snot….uh, that’s not so cool 😉

  4. I must admit I can’t do the loogie thing! I must be the most prudish runner ever because I run with a handkerchief tucked into the side of my sport’s bra to take care of such…situations.
    I think my personality is such that I flop between loving running and hating it from mile to mile. However with physical activity in general I started to really need to get it in every day probably about two years ago. I found that I had more balance, was kinder to myself and more relaxed with other people if I managed to be active in some way every day.
    Oh and teddy grahams would definitely win 🙂

    • okay, u running with a hankie fits into my cutie-pattutie image i have of u…i love it!! i don’t think it makes u a prude at all!! i think it makes u one cool chickpea. 😉

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