Runner-Speak: A runner’s unsaid language defined

Runners, we really have our own language. True there are the actual words: fartlek, tempo, IT band, nip-guards, chaffage, etc. that we toss around. But there is the running BODY language that sometimes emotes much more than anything that could possibly be vocalized. Enter Runner-Speak…

runner-speak cartoon

I hope you enjoy my little Sunday Runner Cartoon. Get some giggles, then go make sure your Garmin is charged and able to pick up a signal. 😉
If you want some more cartoonage you can see some of my other Runner’s Strip cartoons HERE, HERE, and HERE!! 🙂

1) Any of those Runner-Speak pictures look familiar? Which one was the last you expressed?

2) What’s another Runner-Speak body tell that’s not pictured?

3) What are you doing with your fine runner self this Sunday? Runs, races, workouts, let’s hear it! 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Runner-Speak: A runner’s unsaid language defined

  1. Yep you caused big laughs.

    The million dollar question I have… is holding my arm up in the air going to help my garmin locate satellites? You totally captured me in that pic but I have long wondered would that extra stretch of my arm make any difference? :=)

  2. Love this! Definitely got a chuckle out of remembering each of these situations (except the Garmin one, I am a tech-free runner:) ).
    I last expressed the “glad that’s done” and ‘post long run’ – 11 weeks to the half marathon so I headed out for a 7-miler today. Hard but good.
    I hope you are having a lovely Sunday dear Cait 🙂

  3. how about chaffing? And trying to swallow a gel or a cup of water as we run through the stations, or maybe it is just can make cartoon of me with the water all over my shirt and me wondering why there wasn’t hardly in there..maybe it is just me, who can’t fold and open my throat 😉

    The first time I showered after 6 miles and no chafing wisdom, left me crying in the poor buttcheeks

    BTW..thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your wisdom

    • oh man, i’m SOOO been there with burning shower chaffage hollers! 🙁 i hope by now u’re blessed with ample bodyglide! 😉
      and u’re so welcome, u have a wonderful blog…keep up the awesome running girl!!

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