Runner Time: The difference a single day makes

Yesterday I ran the hardest, fastest I ever have before.
…today I crawled my way through four miles that PER mile were 3 minutes slower than yesterday’s and they felt 300 times harder.

Runner Bones

Be a runner down to the bones.

Only yesterday I was still recovering from stress fractures.
…today I RAN the sweetest 6 minutes of my life.

At this time yesterday I was horribly lost, should have been done with my long run three miles ago and not sure if I was going to be able to make it home.
…today I’ve ran my longest run to date; it’s the one I’m most proud of because I DIDN’T ever stop running until I was home.

Twenty-four hours ago I jogged 20 minutes, did 6 strides, and stretched like a fiend.
..Right now I’m standing at the starting line, poised and ready, nervous because I don’t KNOW what lies ahead but I sure hope it’s a PR. Oh, and a win would be nice too. 😉
run to endorphins
It’s incredible how much a day makes in ‘runner time’. The bitter-sweet rewards of a hard workout are the tomorrows where you’re walking like a geriatric. Tear the muscles down to rebuild them stronger…
…the tomorrow’s after the tomorrow’s after the tomorrow’s are then the fully sweet rewards of that work.

Time will always march forward. Hold this truth close to your runner heart in times of injury. Cling to it in the moments after horrible races. Stay steadfast to the runner course…tomorrow will ALWAYS come. Sure, it may be sore or slow, but it could also be fast and euphoric. Either way, there will be another tomorrow for you to try again.

Yesterday I was a runner. Today I still am. Tomorrow I will be too.

The site’s had an overhaul, so peruse the pages and check out some spruced up material. I’m excited to have more AWESOME looking models rocking my running shirts…I’ve got some more so eventually I can fully take down my uglys mug. 😉

1) Do your own yesterday vs. today comparison.

2) Do you tend to get more sore after a hard workout the day after, or two days after? It can be common that it’s actually 48 hours later you really feel the brunt of it.

3) What are YOU looking forward to tomorrow?
best running shirts

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12 thoughts on “Runner Time: The difference a single day makes

  1. Girly, your mugs are not ugly! But that does rock that you’ve got new shirt models. I love this blog too, it’s amazing to look back at progress over the weeks, months, and years and see so much improvement and the little victories along the way.

  2. I’m lovin the new layout!!

    I get sore the day after, definitely (and like that feeling!!)

    you are right, the day-to-day difference of a run is HUGE for me sometimes! I take it as it comes (because I really do run for endorphins!!) and recognize every day is different for your body as well.

  3. You should leave your super cute pics up!!

    So funny to read what you wrote about every day, every run being different. I just finished writing about my run today that for whatever reason (not speed or distance) was great – it made me happy!!! Sometimes, even though I love running, I forget about that feeling – pure joy of running!!!
    I guess I’ll see what tomorrow is like, huh?!

  4. Your posts speak so loudly to me. I love how your quote about yesterday today and tomorrow… I am still a runner!!
    During college I suffered through stress fracture after fracture, torn muscle after torn muscle. Through it all I never once gave up on the fact that I will always be a runner no matter what the days hold.
    I have learned to not compare day to day. I have learned to take the day for what it is, to appreciate the good days more than I use to.
    I think I get sore 2 days after, more from gym or weight work though. I get sore one day after hard runs.
    Since today I was unable to run today, I am looking forward to running tomorrow props to being smart and listening to my body!!!

    • i’m happy to hear you can totally relate!! yea, stress fractures SUCK and the injuries that seem to go back to back are torturous…but i agree, runners know in their hearts they WILL get back…so long as they keep moving forward. i’m so glad u did!! 🙂

  5. Cait your revamped website looks so beautiful! I love the new Frenchy-chic twist to your home page too 🙂
    Such beautiful words Miss Cait: ‘Yesterday I was a runner. Today I still am. Tomorrow I will be too.’
    I think sometimes after a bad/difficult workout it is easy to convince yourself that you’ve failed as a runner, or after a difficult week or race you feel like you aren’t a runner anymore. That negative self talking and un-labelling of yourself doesn’t help at all.
    Today I rocked my speed session. Tomorrow I’m hoping to rock an easy hour run 🙂 Tomorrow I’m looking forward to seeing my darling when he comes to town 🙂 Also looking forward to my run of course!

    • BOOM!!! the chickpea is going out there, rocking those speed sessions, and taking names!! i luv it!! ummm, can i say i also adore that last sentence as well. 😉

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