Runners and Ice Cream

What is it about ice cream and running? It just fits. Perfectly.

i run. i'm hungry. cartoon

runners love ice cream

Cuz running and ice cream are both serious business.


Tips for RUNNING NUTRITION! (because there’s more than just ice cream)

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2 thoughts on “Runners and Ice Cream

  1. Hello Cait, thanks for the lovely website and great and fun articels! 🙂
    I was wondering if you could share your ideas of nutrition in runners? Have you met elite female endurance runners and seen how they eat on a daily basis, and how do you yourself eat as a runner? I mean kcal, grams of carbs, fat and protein, or meal compositions, anything.
    I’m a runner myself but have been struggling with my weight no matter how much (80mpw) I run and how healthy I eat. Any advice would be highly appreaciated 🙂

    Thanks again and have a nice summer!

    • hey Alisa! I’ve written a lot of posts on nutrition, here’s a link to that category:
      the thing is that it’s also SOOO individual. i’ve met people who eat 6,000 calories just to keep weight on, then seen others eating far too few. so i know it can feel difficult to find your ‘sweet spot.’ i’m not sure if you’re wanting to gain or lose weight, so advice would be different. sounds like you’re trying to lose, if that’s the case make sure u’re not eating too little because that actually can make your body slow metabolism. the irony is i’ve worked with people and it took them needing to eat MORE to actually lose weight…haha. hope some of those article help and you have a nice summer and always feel free to ask more q’s! 🙂

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