Runners: Get Faster Because Speed Goggles DO Exist

‘Normal people’ have their beer goggles, runners have their speed googles. 😉

speed goggles
Long has the debate gone on over whether or not times have any sort of effect on the ‘hotness’ factor of a runner. Regardless of if a faster PR scores you more points with the runnerdudes or runnerchicks respectfully, there is no arguing over the fact that a new PR will ALWAYS up the confidence factor! Few things are more rewarding than beating the ‘old you’…all that hard work pays off.

Let us have a toast to a speedier you!

HERE are some workouts to hone your speed.

HERE is how to overcome track phobia…yes, it does exist.

HERE is why you should improve your speed…even if you’re not necessarily racing.

HERE is how hills can make you faster.

HERE are mental games to get through those tough interval workouts.

HERE are my own little prattlings on my love/hate relationship with quarter repeats.

HERE is a post on 3 important things to remember if you’re racing to win.

So regardless of trying to impress the ladies or the men, regardless of whether a new PR will rank you higher in the hotness factor…the REAL reward comes with that rush right after you cross the line, look at the watch, and feel the overwhelming urge to shout, “I OWNED that race!” 😉 [editors note: you don’t have to shout that, but if you’re fast enough you can pretty much get away with doing anything you want…so give it a whirl…lol.]
Catch more of my Runner’s Strip Comic HERE!

1) Do you think speed goggles exist? Do faster times make runners more hot?

2) What is your favorite speed workout?

3) What is your least favorite speed workout? Why? Is it because it’s your weakness and therefor need to work on it more? 😉
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28 thoughts on “Runners: Get Faster Because Speed Goggles DO Exist

  1. Ha! Super cute. Of course times make runners hotter – but only of the opposite sex. If their girls, I just want to beat them. I’m not at al competitive.

    I still don’t love the tempo. And yeah, I need t work on it.

  2. I’m not sure about the speed and hotness factor. To me, distance is sexy, although covering that distance in a record time is sexy too 🙂
    I am struggling to get my speed up again after the half marathon, but I’m just going to keep working at it, especially with these wonderful tips and inspiration from wonderful runner goddesses like you 🙂

  3. You always have a way of saying the unsaid. Funny and right-on post. I shall keep all my private thoughts hidden, but just know if you’re uber-fast, have tattoos, and your shining with sweaty confidence, you’ve probably been in them.

  4. I haven’t done a lot of speed work since grad school but I have several planned for this year. (You know it will be 43 of something!) I’m kind-of excited to hit the track. I just want to get a few more long runs under my belt after my last stress fracture and then off to the track!!!

  5. What a funny post…my now-husband always jokes that I never paid attention to him until his times started dropping.

    My favorite speed workout is either 400 repeats or mile repeats. But it’s been awhile since I’ve done either!

  6. ohhh I love everything SPEED. Tempo and Intervals – it’s all good. Although I have to say there is something special about 800s – not too long and not too short…JUST RIGHT!

    I kind of lost my groove with the speed work for a while there. I think it was my body adapting and recovering from the higher weekly mileage . Thank goodness that sorted itself out. The long runs are great and all but the quick ones bring the best highs. As for being sexy… Running is sexy fullstop. The appeal of fast runners to me is to be inspired and motivated to push harder ;=)

    • yea, speed/mileage DEFINITELY has a correlation and any time u go up in one the other will take time to adjust, but u ride through it and u’re now firing on all cylinders! 🙂

  7. I think confidence (although not OVER confidence) makes people sexy. So I guess if being faster makes someone more confidence, then I’m down with your equations. 🙂

    I enjoy shorter speed work (400s, 800s). I dislike longer speed work on the track (1200+). I *think* that this is because I find the longer intervals on the track somewhat boring. I don’t mind mile repeats/pick-ups in the middle of a longer run, on my regular route.

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