19 thoughts on “Runners Going Gluten Free: Could making the switch work for you?

  1. One of my friends had to go gluten free due to stomach issues, and I couldn’t do it. I have tried to cut out processed foods though, and I think that definitely helps my running.

  2. I’ve never been gluten free, maybe I’ll try it a bit one day but not now. One of the sisters in my sorority has to eat gluten free, because she’s allergic to it.
    I eat what makes me happy. I try to stay fairly healthy with fruits and vegetables but I don’t really limit myself.

  3. This is a great post! I don’t have celiacs, but do often get a very bad upset stomach and bloating when I eat too much over processed junk. A lot of stuff I purchase are GF, but they are mostly snacking foods.

  4. I eat gluten free due to intolerance to wheat and a few other things (inherited due to some faulty genes – thanks grandma 😉 ).
    I don’t know that it has made a huge difference to my running as I already had a pretty clean diet (kinda de rigeur for a dietitian), but it has made a huge difference to my mood. Now that I am not bloated or in pain after meals I feel a lot better, and that has certainly influenced my running. No one wants to feel gross and bloated when they step out the door for a run, and fine tuning my diet to work for me has helped that no end.
    At the end of the day I don’t think there is ‘one diet fits all’. I choose a gluten-free vegetarian diet because that is what my body responds to the best. But for others that isn’t the case. As long as you focus on whole foods, cut out the processed trash, include treats in moderation (can’t live without cookies now can we?), and focus on a healthy relationship with food – those are the keys to a ‘healthy diet’. In my opinion at least.

    • oh man, if u ARE gluten intolerant i know it has to make a heck of a difference with just ur LIFE!! i’ve heard plenty how if u are gluten intolerant ur stomach stages one heck of a revolt on u if u eat the stuff! but u being the maven in the kitchen, i’m so happy u can cook up GF foodage that is just as (if not more!) DELISH as the ‘reg’ stuff. 🙂

  5. I have Celiac’s, so I don’t have a choice but to be gluten-free, but I can honestly say that I wouldn’t EVER recommend it for anyone that doesn’t have to do it. It’s way healthier to eat a diet full of whole grains (including wheat) then most GF diets.

    That being said, since I was SO sick before, going GF helped me, but only because gluten was making me so sick – not because of anhing inherently bad about gluten!

    • HOW in the world did this comment get put into my SPAM, lame WP but i fished it out!! thanks for sharing ur own insights, i’m sort of the same line of thinking as u, if u HAVE to eat GF then u can make it work for u and u’ll feel a world better for it! if u’re not intolerant just eating healthy on the whole should work well. 🙂

  6. I’m just not that hard core! I have tried it before, but I didn’t find it helped much.

    I feel like it’s more about minimising rather than cutting out gluten altogether. In reality, for me, toast is actually better than oats and yogurt or even fruit as a pre-run snack that won’t kill me.

    Gluten free is huge at the moment – if it works for other people, great. I think I’ll stick to the occasional slice of gluten-tastic cake!

    Thought provoking article Cait

  7. I have gone gluten free, and I love it. I have not been tested for celiac but I used to get monster migraines. I would get a migraine once or twice a month that would last on average three to four days. I still get one every once and a while (usually because I have been bad!) but they only last a day or two. I am so glad that I figured out the migraine mystery!

    Oh and I am wayyyy less bloated then I used to be… sorry TMI… 😉

    • thanks for sharing morgan! i’m so sorry you’re prone to migraines, i can only imagine how horrible that’s been to go through, though i’m happy to hear that going GF has helped keep those at least at bay. and girl, on this blog there is no such thing as TMI…us runners all deal with not just bloat…but bathroom prob’s galore! 😛

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