Runners Have Legs For…

legs for miles

Today is short and to the point.

Running gives us oh so many perks in life, be it the physical benefit of a strong body or the mental boost from endorphins. And ya, the high after a PR or gut busting run is hard to beat too!

For all the miles we put in we’re getting plenty back as well. We just gotta work for dem miles!! 😉

1) What’s your favorite physical trait?
My legs.

2) Has your running and exercise impacted why that’s your favorite physical trait?
Yup, because I like them more because of what they are capable of rather than what they actually look like…I mean a kankle on the right side isn’t exactly my FAVORITE looking thing in the world…haha. 😉

3) What’s your best non-physical trait?
Work ethic.

4) Has running impacted or improved that non-phyical trait at all?
I think they are both pretty inter-related.

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8 thoughts on “Runners Have Legs For…

  1. Haha darn straight we have the best legs on the planet! My favorite physical characteristics are my legs and my abs because, dur, I work for them. I’m not a fan of all this rest and XT, it’s not having the greatest effect! But I’m sure I’ll appreciate those abs & legs even more once I’m finally healthy again. As for non-physical, I like that I’m stubborn, loyal, and don’t give up….on people, on school, or on dreams! And I think, like you said, part of that comes out of my running and part of that has helped my running along.

  2. I love my legs! I think that running has done wonders to help shape them and make them look good. But I also know that my legs are capable of carrying my body for miles.
    My best non-physical trait would have to be my positive attitude. Because anytime life isn’t going so hott I can find an upside. Which also helps a lot with my runnin, when I don’t get the times I want or something.
    Running has kept my positive attitude in constant need. I can’t just let a bad workout get me down! 🙂

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