Runner’s Strip Cartoon Movie Shorts: “A Runner’s Mid-Workout Mental Twitter”

Running a hard workout or race takes a LOT of lying to yourself.
“I SWEAR it’s the last repeat!”
“Just make it ONE more mile…”
“I promise it won’t hurt THAT much.”

Hey, if it takes a little self-deception to push through to the end, then so be it, right?!
My latest Runner’s Strip Movie Short: “A Runner’s Mid-Workout Mental Twitter”
[Here is the embedded version to give you a preview but it’s tough to read…click link BELOW to view larger.]

Twitter Movie
Here’s to all those lies that get us through the runs, workouts, and races!!
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1) Share a bit of mental Twitter Chatter you might have mid-workout.
2) Do you share about your running on social media sites? Which ones?
3) Best trick that you use to stay mentally tough?

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6 thoughts on “Runner’s Strip Cartoon Movie Shorts: “A Runner’s Mid-Workout Mental Twitter”

  1. Another good one! That was a very good illustration of what goes on between the runner side of my brain and the rational side of it. I usually have to just focus on the interval that I’m in and not think about how many repeats I’m doing. That definitely helps.

    I’m not on Twitter, but sometimes I share about my long runs on Instagram. And I shared a picture of myself and my husband with our medals after my first full this past November. 🙂

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