Runner’s Strip Cartoon Movie Shorts: “Cold Weather Running”

I love running, but what I DON’T love is running in the cold. Truthfully, I don’t harbor ANY fantasies for a white Christmas (or any day for that matter) for the sheer fact that running outside in the snow, in the cold, in the windy, etc. is not cool. Winter is pretty in a snow globe when when you’re a runner actually out there in that flurry…it aint pretty.

When winter comes around, I layer up, and then do all I can to manage the nose situation…
I present my latest Runner’s Strip Cartoon Movie Short: “Cold Weather Running”

runners strip winter running
I hope you’re packing tissues or hands are as fleet as your runner feet! 😉

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1) Would you rather run in the cold or the heat?
2) How do you stay warm and safe during winter?
3) Do you enjoy your white winters if you live in a state that typically gets them?

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8 thoughts on “Runner’s Strip Cartoon Movie Shorts: “Cold Weather Running”

  1. HAHA! too funny! I love the snots in your cartoon. 1) I am one of those in betweener runners. I love running in the fall and the spring but, come Summer when the humidity comes along with an 85-100 degree day, I prefer to be on a treadmill but, I still go at it. It takes me a week to get accustomed to the heat. I also, slow down. When in comes the cold, I have one rule, if it’s under 20 degrees, treadmill. I had been training for a spring half marathon last winter and thought I had asthma but, found out from the doc (who is also a runner) the rule of under 20 degrees. It causes your lungs to spasm a cold weather asthma if you will so, no go. 2) During the winter, I have a special winter running jacket that I have over a long sleeve moisture wicking shirt along with winter running tights, gloves, hat and/or ear muffs, and long compression socks. I won’t go out if it’s too icy out or if there is no where for me to run due to the condtions of the roads. When I run when it is snowing out or snow covering the ground and the temp isn’t too cold, I do enjoy it. It is very peaceful and quiet out there especially on the trails. It is rather beautiful at times. Each season has it’s beauty but, winter really starts to get old by February 🙂

    • thanks!! oh, i’m the biggest weather hater…i don’t like humid/hot, i don’t like cold winter, i mean c’mon, why can’t it be perfect ALL THE FREAKING TIME?!?! 😉 uhhh yea, under 20 and it’s def a treadmill day.

  2. 1) COLD!
    2) a. Always have my phone (in case I biff it)
    b. wear my darkest bright clothes so I don’t blend in with the snow and get run over
    c.layer, layer, layer
    d. special sub zero rule: stay within a mile of home. I end up running multiple laps making the neighbors think I’m nuts, but it is still better than a treadmill!
    3) Yes! Only because winter w/o snow is ugly and dead. I could live without the slipperyness, but have learned to slow down and not be critical of my pace during snow runs. Bonus: if you run laps of the same route fresh snow cover is great for gait analysis. 😉

    • hahaha…i like ur bonus perk there of snow running…i’ll add that to the list of plusses for running in that white stuff, that makes the tally for pro a whopping one! 😉

    • thanks!! i’m right there with u…u can always dress for less but sometimes in the cold i feel like i should run like that kid from the Christmas story!! 😛 (big, snowman-fat, red sweats)

  3. Oh my goodness, that green snot in your cartoon! Your cartoons are hilarious. I actually prefer cold weather running to hot and I like running in the snow. What I do not like is the wind and any cold rain. Yuck.

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