Runner’s Strip Cartoon Movie Shorts: “Recess Snack Swap”

Children with runner parents put up with a lot. Mom and Dad head out early for their weekend long runs. Dinnertime table talk could err on the side of TMI compared to other families…
“God, I have the WORST chaffage right HERE…”
And then there are the runner foods that consume the cupboards.

Enter my latest Runner’s Strip Cartoon Movie Shorts: “Recess Snack Swap”
runners strip cartoon recess snack swap
Don’t get me wrong, kids that have runner parents are INSANELY lucky. They have role models that show just how much fun exercise and fitness can be, that adopting healthy habits will make you happier and more productive in other areas of life. Kids that watch their parents set and strive for running goals witness first had how powerful hard work and dedication are. But, Mom and Dad, try to keep in mind Chocolate flavored GU’s don’t go for very much on the playground black market.

Kids with runner parents are much more likely to become self-motivated and persistent individuals themselves. And hey, if they wind up runners themselves…even better!! #spreadtheaddiction 😉
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1) What was your favorite snack growing up?
Anyone remember Dunkaroos???
2) what is a go-to snack for you now?
3) If you have kids, do they like any ‘runner foods’?

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10 thoughts on “Runner’s Strip Cartoon Movie Shorts: “Recess Snack Swap”

  1. I loved Dunkaroo’s but my mom and dad would never buy them for my sisters and me. So they were an extra special treat when our friends had them! The same goes for Gushers and cheetos. I’m glad now that we could never have that stuff because now I think it is gross. I still haven’t been able to try Gu- the consistency makes me gag.

    • ME TOO!!! dunkaroo’s were only bought if they were on sale or my mommy had a coupon…danng, one thing that those blasted generic brands didn’t do a knock-off to 😉

  2. Oh man Dunkaroo’s! I would trade my entire lunch at the elementary school lunch table for a pack of Dunkaroos with vanilla sprinkles icing (they were delicious and my parents wouldn’t buy them). I don’t think a kid would get very far with a pack of Gu 🙂 Even if it was chocolate flavored.

  3. I didn’t have Dunkaroos, but my friends did! I was always one for a good chocolate chip muesli bar, or my Mum’s homemade chocolate cake 🙂
    No wonder I grew up with a baking addiction!
    I hope my future kids like running – I plan on starting the addiction training early 😉 Plus I want them to be able to run alongside their Aunty Cait one day!

  4. I’m so woefully behind on blog reading, but of course must stop for a moment to share in the snack love. My parents are awesome, but not runners – so I never suffered from PowerBars for Snack syndrome.

    But I *do* remember Dunkaroos (although a Healthy Eating household prevented them from appearing in my lunchbox!), but my favorite snack might have been…maybe granola bars? Because those were as close to “junk food” as our house got. 🙂 Nowadays, I loooove a hummus snack (although hummus is hard to find and expensive, so a bit of a luxury out here), and of course, to balance out that healthfulness, some “unbaked” (egg-free) cookie dough balls. =)

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