Runner’s Strip Movie Shorts: Episode 2: ‘Runner’s Right of Way’

Every runner has been there. They’re just running along, not taking up too much space on the sidewalk, when BAM…they meet the sidewalk hog!!! Walkers going five wide, a dog-owner with about 200 feet of leash slack, packs of people paying no attention to the fact that you, a runner, are in fact trying to pass through.

I hope you enjoy my latest Runner’s Strip Cartoon Movie Short:

runner's right of way movie

May all your running paths be unimpeded…but if not…

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1) Do you try to say something if you’re coming up on people from behind?
I try the loud cough first.
2) Ever been full on tripped by some sidewalk hogs?
3) When the tables are turned, if you’re walking your dog or something are you mindful of other runners?
Yuppers. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Runner’s Strip Movie Shorts: Episode 2: ‘Runner’s Right of Way’

  1. Ha! Another great one! I encounter sidewalk hogs almost daily! I change what I do depending on my mood. Sometimes I go really wide to avoid then, sometimes I stomp my feet as I approach, mans other times I verbally let them know I’m coming!

    I try to be mindful of others but I’ve definitely been out chatting with friends and found myself oblivious!!

  2. I try the loud cough too! Or more likely I sniffle (because running makes my allergies super happy – not!) or I try the super polite ‘Excuse me ma’am/sir’ and then the thank you smile. Otherwise I give a disapproving stare to any able bodied, non-elderly or parent-type person who doesn’t at least move to one side. When I’m out walking (or galloping as the case may be) with Miss Molly I make her sit while other walkers/runners go past. She’ll kill them with love and kisses otherwise!

    • don’t worry, i’m no stranger of the perma-sniffle when it’s cold out! coming back from my run with the ‘snail trail’ of snot on my face is SUCH the hot runnerchick look. 😉

  3. That one made me laugh! I can’t imagine how much work goes into makes these little comic strips.

    I cannot stand people who are not courteous on trails. The walkers (and runners) taking up the entire width of the trail, the dog walkers with their retractable leashes (I hate those things), and the bike riders who don’t call out. As I approach people from behind, I always call out if they haven’t already glanced back and seen me. When I take the dogs on the trail I am always mindful of other people on the trail and I make sure to keep them on a short leash as people pass us. It seems kind of silly, since my dogs are usually so busy sniffing they completely ignore anyone else on the trail, but I don’t know for sure they won’t suddenly take an interest in someone so I want to be ready. Hank’s idea of greeting someone is to try and jump up and kiss them on the face (he’s big enough to do so with anyone under 6 feet tall) and I know that would scare me if I didn’t know the dog.

    • oh thank you! 🙂 yea, i really love doing the cartoons but they do take quite longer than just writing a post. 🙂
      i’m sooo happy u are a respectful doggie walker! not that i doubted otherwise. 😛

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