Runner’s Strip: Pinterest Boards That Never Really Took Off

I’m a runner, not a gourmet chef, expert crafter, travel photographer or fitness model so I’ve decided to cut myself off from Pinterest. I only end up feeling frustrated by my own lack of competence. Plus, all the truly awesome boards never really took off for some reason…
runner pinterest board
Up for some more of my Runner’s Strip cartoon action? Head on over HERE! 🙂

1) What would be a failed running related Pinterest board?

2) What’s the last photo you theoretically could have posted to one of these boards?
Please don’t send me any of your lunches…lol.
best running shirts

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27 thoughts on “Runner’s Strip: Pinterest Boards That Never Really Took Off

  1. You had me at the title. I knew it would be hilarious. Those armpit chaffing marks are so true. That shower burn you get is so ‘run-affirming’ yet oddly painful. A unique feeling you dont’ get anywhere else. I’m hoping that a “Snot-Rocket” pinterest tag could take off.

    • hahaha…thanks and glad u like! 🙂 seriously, there needs to be some kind of balm….okay, if u get that reference, let me know. hint: festivus is my religion. 😉

  2. Love this! Such a great strip, and kind of true!
    I always take photo of black or missing toenails. My husband thinks it’s so weird, and he’s a runner! I also like the idea of taking pictures in weird places you go to the bathroom mid run or bike!

    • hehe…oh no though, i’m sorry u’re getting a lunch number two!! 🙂
      and of COURSE!! girl, if u need anything else, drop me an email….mmmk! feel better and stay positive and strong!

  3. Your art just gets funnier and funnier! I never did pintrest and totally for the fact that it either made me hungry or feel like an epic failure! If I need food inspiration I just hunt down something from Amy 😉

    Shower Chaffage is my favourite :=) (cartoon that is!)

    • haha…oh and SO true…we’ll get all the pinspiration food-wise from our amy girl!!
      ouch, i hope u’re not wrecked with shower chaffage face too much with all that summer heat!

  4. I’m not as clever as you but I do think you need a “I Nailed It” board where you can post pics of your toes when they lose a nail. LOL! Or maybe you can just add them in with the blister pics. 🙂

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