Runner’s Strip: Runner’s Math

Let me school you in a bit of my runner logic…
runner math
If math isn’t your forte, we’ll just blame it on an oxygen deprived brain. I mean, c’mon, all of that precious O2 is going to our muscles where it’s needed FAR more. So if our math isn’t quite adding up, we’ll just blame it on runner logic and oxygen debt.

But regardless, if you want to finagle with my numericals there go for it…but I will argue with you to the DEATH that consuming 70 Pop-Tarts isn’t fully warranted. I’m a runner…I burn it off. 😉
Well, even if that engine is burning red hot there’s much to be said for still eating with performance in mind…read my much less Pop-Tarts tongue-in-cheek posts HERE and HERE.

Here’s my post on timing your fuel pre-race and then post-run.

More Runner’s Strip Comics.

1) Give me your own running math equation!

2) Do you embrace the ‘lazy runner’ logic…as in you EARN the right to sloth around after a run?

3) Finish this sentence: A PR is worth more than…
Check out my own little schpiel on PR’s. 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Runner’s Strip: Runner’s Math

  1. Auburn > Cait
    jjjkk. =)

    Unfortunately, i can’t sloth too much after running, I usually have to go to work right after. But I do enjoy finishing up a really long run in the AM on the weekend and then watching football/basketball the rest of the day!

  2. I am definitely a “lazy runner”! I figure I earned it. I guess lounging around is better than snacking away all the calories I just burned. At least I still have some willpower left. 🙂

  3. I err on the other side: I expect my body to do its run (no matter how long/hard), then perform for the rest of the day as if it didn’t run 20 miles that morning (errands, work, housework, etc).

    This has, more than once, left me sitting at work on a Saturday afternoon in the comfiest post-workout apparel I could find, with a hot caffeinated beverage (probably sugary, as I don’t really do pop-tarts), trying to convince myself to do doing something more than just stare, glassy-eyed, at the computer screen. I often think that sometimes I should just accept that my body wants to veg, and not force any grand productivity schemes on it…

  4. My equation: Long run = afternoon nap with elevated feet – oh yeah baby….
    And a few squares of chocolate after dinner 🙂
    A PR is worth more than all the peanut butter in my cupboard (and folks, that’s a lot!). The smile alone is worth the pain of pushing yourself hard to the finish line, whether it is in training or in competition 🙂

  5. Every minute doing interval training = 1 Pringles chip. I’m pretty sure one for one is the perfect equation. After an hour I can have the whole can.

    It truly amazes me that you come up with such amazing content day after day.

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