Runner’s Strip: Showers

It’s not a crime if you went running in the morning but have yet to shower by 5pm 6pm 8pm 9pm until right before you go to bed. 😉
running shower
Happy Monday, Running Friends, and if that means you are one of the poor souls who have to leave home for work…theeeen, maybe you’ve gotten that shower. Don’t worry, you have the weekend to look forward to lounging around in running clothes all day! 😉

More Running Cartoons!
1) How did your Monday start?
2) Are you a bit lax when it comes to the post-run shower RIGHT away??
3) Best thing happening for you this week?

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7 thoughts on “Runner’s Strip: Showers

  1. HaHa – many days this is me!! Not so much in the winter because I’m cold after a sweaty run. But the summer….I am gross but I can’t justify taking a shower if I plan to hit up the pool or swim beach later!!

  2. Much to my husband’s dismay, I can be a bit lax on my post-run shower. In the winter I usually have to run right after work, before the sun sets, but I often don’t shower until right before bedtime. On the weekends, I typically run in the morning but often don’t shower until after Noon. Oh well 🙂

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